The Poster Boy Podcast


Special Edition: We discuss (COVID-19) Coronavirus and its impact on Small Business.

Ep. 14
"Remember, despite all current events, there is no crying in baseball." - Tom HanksToday we discuss the Coronavirus, how it affects our businesses, and what small businesses can do to hunker down and come out on top. Obviously, this is a difficult time for many people. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our United States Economy. With forced quarantines and entire states shutting down portions of the economy, we understand the impact. Our companies are no different.We think this is the perfect time to play catch up on all of the things you've been putting off in your business.If you can buy from other small businesses, vendors, contractors, a micro-business, keeping the small businesses going is so important.Now is when loyalty matters most. As a business owner, if you can extend every possible opportunity to your employees, they won't forget it. Likewise, your partners, clients, and managers need loyalty right now more than ever.Reevaluate debt, subscription services to non-essential services, and audit your business and personal bank statements.Grab the BookeBook - Play - - Book! you can find usThe Poster Boy is a podcast for entrepreneurs and a podcast for small businesses. Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs in small-town America start, grow, and manage 21st-century businesses!Brought to you by's get connected more about the Poster Boy