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547: Please Advise 6 with Emily P. Freeman

In this episode, we are joined by the ever-wise and wonderfully voiced @emilypfreeman and together we play life coach and solve real-life listener dilemmas in our sixth installment of Please Advise. If you need help with a baby name, want to stop trapping leprechauns, or just want our definitive ranking on potatoes, we’ve got you covered. 

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  • The Popcast Live! Dallas and Chicago

    Should we hang out? Yes, please. The Popcast Live! is a two-hour stage event that has the same heart as the weekly episodes but with all the best parts blown out for in-person consumption.  No edits, no censors, and no take backs. Plus, a room full of people who like the same thing that you like.  DATES + LOCATIONSDallas: Friday, June 21, 8pm CT Gilley’s DallasNote: Last show in Texas until at least 2026. Don't miss out!Chicago: Saturday, June 22, 8pm CT The Vic Theatre TICKETSDALLAS: GUIDES FOR DALLAS AND CHICAGODownload HERE!LIVESTREAMDate: Saturday, June 22, 8pm CTTicket Link: Purchase tickets HERE!Livestream Party Guide: Arrives as a Digital Download with your ticket!EXCLUSIVE MERCHVisit!Be sure to check out the exclusive Popcast Live! Collection! available until Tuesday, April 16.
  • 551: Top Slang To Use and Avoid

    In this episode, we make sure your vocab is bussin by discussing slang trends. Plus, Knox red lights his relationship with the sun.Relevant links: Our full show notes are at! Get our seasonal merch and get a On Wednesdays We Popcast sticker. See it all at mentions: Survey on slang | golden retriever vs. black catGREEN LIGHTS:Jamie: show- Nally (PBS) | book -The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu MandannaKnox: show- I Cheerfully Refuse (Amazon)SPONSORS:Olive & June: Get 20% off your first system at Frames: Use code POPCAST to get $30 off plus free shipping at Pair Eyewear: Use code POP for 15% off your first pair at paireyewear.comChomps: Get 20% off your first order and free shipping at all our sponsors at SEGMENTBecome a Patreon supporter to get access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. This week we discussed Kristin Cavallari, Diddy, and more. Get a 7-day free trial at to our Monthly Newsletter: our Amazon Link: | this week’s featured itemFollow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
  • 550: Misheard Lyrics

    In this episode, we invite you to crank it up as we share the lyrics listeners admit they had wrong. Plus stay for Jamie’s rapid red lights. MENTIONS: Our full show notes are at!: We have new, seasonal merch! Order by April 16 at Crazy, Sexy, Cool lookback | Left Eye burned down a house?! | What does Ryan Tedder look ilke? He wrote what? | iconic | Levii’s Jeans by BeyonceGet part two of this episode on Patreon. There’s a 7-day free trial! light mentions: Julia Delpy | Lizzo | DiddyGreen lights:Jamie: album- Cowboy Carter by Beyonce Knox: dad light series- Renegade Nell | series - Three Body Problem (also: book) |  book- The Other Valley by Scott Alexander HowardSponsors: See all our sponsors at
  • 549: Spring Break Listener Confessions

    In this episode, we warm you up for spring break by sharing listener spring break confessions. Relevant links: Our full show notes are at Jamie: Join us for our summer shows June 21 and June 22! We address the Kate Middleton’s news in Monday’s The More You Know. Get a 7-day trial at  Mo: see all the comments on our spring break confessionsPrank: No Rip TPMentions: Beach Read casting | 3 Body Problem | HooplaAs promised: How to get a non-resident library card if your library doesn't have Hoopla (via Everyday Reading)Special thanks to our contributors: somkrislo | meghanannrose | breraymo | sarahcetra | ashleylaurenparks | natdaria | rachel.growney | dansbuchansBonus segment: Our Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. Become a partner.  This week we discussed the Kate Middleton diagnosis, Jamie meeting two celebrities last weekend and more.Green lights:Jamie: movie- Molli and Max in the FutureKnox: book- Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues by Jonathan Kennedy | show - The Gentleman (Netflix)Episode sponsors: Quince: Get free shipping and 365-day returns at See all our sponsors at
  • 548: The Kate Middleton Mystery Explained

    In this episode, we explain the Kate Middleton mystery– the context, why people care, and which conspiracies we hope are true. Plus find out what Saltburn, Mary Berry, and Gonzaga has to do with this all. RELEVANT LINKS:Our full show notes are at us in Dallas and Chicago! Info: here: Overview / timeline | Reddit: r/royalfamily/Look and see: Kate gate photo | Diana and Charles dolls | Kate and Will on A Berry Royal ChristmasFly by mentions: Saltburn | Tampongate | 30 Rock: Prince Hapsburg | The Crown | “Chaos is a ladder” | Matta_of_Fact | E. HolmesBonus segment: Our Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. Become a partner. This week we discussed a beef sized hole, Marcelo on SNL, and more. Green lights:Jamie: series- Extraordinary | Beyond UtopiaKnox: book- The Mysterious Case of the Alpertone Angels by Janice HallettEpisode sponsors: Betterhelp: 10% off first monthFactor: code POPCASTPOD50 gets you 50% off your first month and 20% off your secondPair Eyewear: 15% off first pairSee all our sponsors at
  • 546: Revising Movie History, Erin Gets Quizzed, and Jamie Talks Whales...

    In this episode, to honor this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, we're revisiting Hollywood's biggest night from 5, 10, and 20 years ago. We recap the winners, lament the snubs, and debate what holds up and what’s forgotten. Plus we quiz Erin and Jamie talks whales.RELEVANT LINKS: Our full show notes are at Sidepiece: Dune deep dive comes this Friday for our Patreon supporters. Join us: @thepopcast - see our Oscar SMK Streaming Guide91st Academy Awards // Olivia Coleman’s acceptance speech | Glenn Close & other losers86th Academy Awards // The Selfie | Adele Dazeem76th Academy Awards // Meryl Streep x Martin Short | Mamie Gummer IMDbGREEN LIGHTS:Jamie: movie- Dune 2 | book- Listen For The Lie by Amy TinteraKnox: tv- Survivor 46 | film: The Zone of InterestBONUS: Get our weekly news segment The More You Know as a Patreon partner. This week we discussed Oscar nominations and more.SPONSORS:Olive & June: Get 20% off your first system at Vila: Watch it on Hulu, streaming on NetflixSee all our sponsors at
  • 545: Unwritten Rules of Life Snake Draft

    In this episode we are joined by Erin Moon and Jason Waterfalls to snake draft the unspoken do’s and don’ts of polite society. Join us as we share our pet peeves and pleas for better phone etiquette, bathroom practices, and the art of not being a joy killer. Relevant links: JOIN US IN JUNE: The Popcast Live is coming to Dallas June 21 and Chicago June 22. Tickets are on sale today- more: Erin at Faith Adjacent, JWat at Over Under AchieversAsides: L7 | Troy Bolton as the child of Taylor and Travis | Remember: Charlie Bit My Finger | fact check: stretching dog = love | dog talk mat | Joe Burrow | yikes: UAB QB | GOD’S CHICKEN Red light mentions: What was up with that outage? | Where is Kate Middleton? | We’re getting a Gladiator 2?! (See also: Paul Mescal IMDb)Green lights:Jamie: movie- All of us Strangers | book- Nightwatching by Tracy SierraKnox: book- The Shamshan Blind by Paz PardoBonus section: See all our sponsors at Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. Become a partner. This week we discussed Glen Powell, Marvel retooling, and more. 
  • 544: Fictional Couples Who Should and Should Not Have Hooked Up

    In this episode, we discuss characters who should have done it and characters who should not have done it. And by "it", yes, we mean that. Join us to debate the will they / won't they of it all. Relevant links: Our full show notes are at Popcast Live is happening June 21 in Dallas 21 and June 22 in Chicago. Tickets go on sale for BFOTS Feb. 26, NFTA subscribers & FOTS Feb. 27, and for every one else Feb. 28. Get the rundown so far at 1: Characters Who Probably Did It | This episode is executively produced by KirbyBonus segment: Our Patreon supporters can get full access to this week’s The More You Know news segment. Become a partner. This week we discussed Tom Cruise’s new girlfriend, dressing room snafu, and more. Green lights:Jamie: show- The Vince Staples Show (Netflix) | show - One Day (read the book) (Netflix)Knox: docuseries- Bitconned (Netflix)Episode sponsors: BetterHelp: Visit for 10% off your first monthPair Eyewear: Visit and use code POP for 15% off your first pai.Factor: Visit to get 50% off!AG1: Get a free 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 and 5 free AG1 Travel Packs with your first purchase at See all our sponsors at