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Show 165 - David Frum

George W Bush's former speechwriter delivers a devastating assessment of Donald Trump's Presidency and electoral prospects. Expanding on the themes of his new book 'Trumpocalypse', David analyses the effect of Trump on the Republican party and the democratic structures of the United States. Credited with creating the phrase "axis of evil", David explains the reasoning behind those specific words and takes us inside George W Bush's White House. Follow David on Twitter here: @davidfrum Buy 'Trumpocalypse' here: Follow Matt on Twitter: @mattforde For the latest UK Government advice on coronavirus go to: *** IMPORTANT TOUR UPDATE *** NEW REARRANGED DATES INCLUDE: 2 October - Corby Cube 4 October - Brighton Komedia 9 October - Chorley Little Theatre 18 October - Leeds Hyde Park Book Club 25 October - Newcastle Stand 3 November - Camberley Theatre 13 November - Alnwick Playhouse 15 November - York Crescent 19 November - Cardiff Sherman Theatre 29 November - Glasgow Stand 3 December - Southend Dixon Studio 6 December - Sheffield Leadmill

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  • Show 341. Matthew McGregor

    How did Jon Cruddas help Barack Obama win the White House? It's all thanks to a wonderful chance taken by Matthew McGregor, now boss of 38 Degrees.  This is an absolute blast and a real education about the power of online activism.   Buy Tickets to see Matt's return to stand-up: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news  Follow @mcgregormt on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 340. Tim Loughton Returns. Again.

    One of the most entertaining guests in the history of the show returns, to tell the incredible story of his deportation from Djibouti.  Tim is one of five MPs to be sanctioned by China, but never expected that to have an effect in Africa, He's standing down at the next election and gives his entertaining assessment of the issues facing the Conservatives, including his revoew of Liz Truss's book.  This is a great story, well told.   Buy Tickets to see Matt's return to stand-up: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news  Follow @timloughton on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 339. *Local Election Results Bonus Episode with Greg Cook*

    Psephologist extraordinaire Greg Cook returns to analyse the election results and break down what they mean. Are Labour heading for a victory? If so, could they win a landslide? Does the Tories winning Tees Valley mean as much as they claim as does? Does this feel like 1995, heading into 1997? All the big questions answered!  Buy Tickets to see Matt's return to stand-up: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news  Follow @euanmccolm on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 338 *Humza Resignation Bonus Episode with Euan McColm*

    Why has Humza resigned and what does it mean for Scotland and the SNP?This is an entertaining and comprehensive briefing on what's happening in Scottish politics with the engaging Euan McColm. Buy Tickets to see Matt's return to stand-up: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news Follow @euanmccolm on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 337. Steve Rotheram

    Liverpool's Metro Mayor is standing for a third term on 2 May. He's already led a fascinating life, starting out as a bricklayer, then being an MP and Jeremy Corbyn's PPS before becoming the Metro Mayor for the city he loves.Steve is a big personality and this goes way beyond the usual boundaries of politics. This is about how people feel about places and how places feel about themselves. Plus who has the better music... Liverpool or Manchester? (Manchester, obviously) Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news Follow @MetroMayorSteve on Twitter  Email the show:
  • Show 336. Kevin Schofield

    This is a fascinating insight into life as a modern political editor, what the pressures are and how different outlets make themselves distinct from one another. Kevin has worked everywhere covering UK and Scottish politics. The Sun, The Herald, The Scotsman and now he's Political Editor of HuffPost UK. Does The Sun lead or follow its readers?What has been the most exciting political event to cover in the last 20 years?And what happens when you get into a lift with Rupert Murdoch? Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news Follow @KevinASchofield on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 335. Gloria De Piero

    This is so much fun, you won't want it to end.Gloria De Piero brings politics to life in a way very few people are able to. Totally honest about why she'd never want to be an MP again, what working at GB News is really like and why she's dedicated to Labour even when the party hasn't valued her. It's got everything: Lee Anderson, pina coladas and P&O cruises. You'll want to listen back to it all over again. Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news Follow @GloriaDePiero on Twitter  Email the show: 
  • Show 334. Kate Fall

    As David Cameron strides the international stage, his former Deputy Chief of Staff reflects on his renaissance and the contrast between him and Rishi Sunak.  Well, not just Rishi Sunak, but all of Cameron's successor's as Prime Minister.  Kate has experienced politics at the highest level and now sits in the Lords. She's a member of the Joint Committee on National Security and she takes us inside the work of the committee, especially exploring our relationship with China. This is a great, entertaining mix of domestic and geopolitics.  Best enjoyed with a whisky or a peppermint tea.  Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 333. Jonny Owen

    Jonny Owen is the great storyteller of our age. His superb new series 'Strike' for BBC Sounds examines the impact of the 1984 Miner's Strike on South Wales and Britain more widely.In the making of it Jonny sat with the politicians who'd made the decisions, the people impacted by them and uncovered truths he was previously unaware of.He also has a fantastic voice.  Listen to Strike: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: