The Polari Podcast

  • 11. Polari in Brighton - Cerys Evans, David Fennell, Allie Rogers, John McCullough, Robert Hamberger

    Recorded at The Ironworks in Brighton, talented LGBTQ+ authors Cerys Evans, Allie Rogers, David Fennell, John McCullough and Robert Hamberger join Paul Burston at the literary salon. Hosted by Paul Burston, co-hosted and produced by Sophia Blackwell.
  • 10. Polari at G-A-Y Manchester - Emma Goswell, Val Qaeda, Joelle Taylor and Okechukwu Nzelu

    The LGBTQ+ literary salon comes to Manchester with readings from special guests Emma Goswell (Coming Out Stories), Val Qaeda, Joelle Taylor and Okechukwu Nzelu. Hosted by Paul Burston, co-hosted and produced by Sophia Blackwell.
  • 9. 2021 Polari Prize Shortlist Show - Paul Mendez, Golnoosh Nour and Kevin Maxwell

    We discover who is on the Polari Prize 2021 shortlists for Best Book and Best Debut at a special event in Heaven club presented by Paul Burston, Kate Davies and Keith Jarrett with guests Paul Mendez (Rainbow Milk) and Golnoosh Nour (The Ministry of Guidance). Also includes interviews with Kevin Maxwell (Forced Out) and Mohsin Zaidi (A Dutiful Boy). Co-hosted and produced by Sophia Blackwell.
  • 8. Polari at the RVT - Adele Anderson and Cerys Evans

    Recorded at the RVT (Royal Vauxhall Tavern) with Adele Anderson of Fascinating Aida and spoken word and stage artist Cerys Evans, Paul Burston and the two guests discuss the changing nature of trans lives between the 1980s and 90s and the present day. Cerys performs her poetry while Adele reads an extract from an as-yet-unpublished memoir. Sophia and Paul discuss some of the themes raised including the LGBT+ tendency towards perfectionism, roles for trans actors and the tabloid 'outing' of LGBT+ celebrities.
  • 7. Polari in Heaven - PJ Samuels, Joelle Taylor and VG Lee

    Recorded live at Heaven Nightclub in London, this was Polari's first outing in a while! Featuring performances from poets PJ Samuels and Joelle Taylor and author VG Lee, this night includes excerpts from their recent work and a lot of raucous audience participation at the legendary venue.
  • 6. Salena Godden, Sophia Blackwell and Polis Loizou

    Paul Burston interviews Sophia Blackwell, Salena Godden and Polis Loizou about their new books, including Salena Godden's 'Mrs Death Misses Death,' (Canongate), Sophia Blackwell's 'The Other Woman' (Burning Eye) and After My Own Heart (Limehouse Books), and Polis Loizou's novel The Way It Breaks (Cloud Lodge Books) and recently published short story in the Mainstream anthology from Inkandescent.
  • 5. Elizabeth Chakrabarty, Musa Okwonga and Nikita Gill

    From April 2021 and with additional commentary from Paul Burston and Sophia Blackwell, this new full-length episode features Elizabeth Chakrabarty (Lessons in Love and Other Hate Crimes) Musa Okwonga (One of Them, In The End It Was All About Love) and Nikita Gill (Where Hope Comes From).
  • 4. Niven Govinden, Stella Duffy, Steven Appleby and Alex Reeve

    The LGBTQ+ literary salon hosted by Paul Burston, Polari is currently mainly digital, with online co-hosting and episode production by Sophia Blackwell. In this episode, Paul speaks to Niven Govinden, Stella Duffy, Steven Appleby and Alex Reeve.