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  • 49. Episode 49 of 1566: Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

    In episode 49 of our 1566-part series ranking every film on Disney Plus, Shawn, Bob, and Rob discuss 1992's "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid", the sequel to "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," eventually leading to the TV-series spinoff, "Honey, I Shrunk the Aspect Ratio". What's next? You tell us. Email: thepodcastworetennisshoes@gmail.comFacebook: @podworeInsta: @podworeThreads: @podwore

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  • 48. Episode 48 of 1564: The Prestige

    In episode 48 of our 1564-part series ranking every film on Disney Plus, Shawn, Bob, and Rob discuss 2006's Prestige. The second Warring Magicians movie from 2006. The good one. The one that doesn't have Edward Norton. What's next? You tell us.Email: thepodcastworetennisshoes@gmail.comInsta: @podworeFacebook: @podworeThreads: @podwore
  • 47. Episode 47 of 1563: Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

    In episode 47 of our 1563-part series ranking every film on Disney Plus, Shawn, Bob, and Rob discuss the Disney Channel Original Movie Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off. It's a listener request. And we love our listeners. Want to take advantage of that love and instil tremendous pain on us in the future? The next DCOM is just a listener request away.Email: thepodcastworetennisshoes@gmail.comInsta: @podworeFacebook: @podworeThreads: @podworeAnd that's it. No other social media platforms formerly known as Twitter.
  • 46. Episode 46 of 1560: Dragonball: Evolution

    Season Two, baby! In episode 46 of our 1560-part series (is this joke still funny?) Shawn, Bob, and Rob discuss 2009's Dragonball: Evolution. Why? Because it's a listener request. And we love our listeners. And also because Shawn is a sadist. Anyway, it probably doesn't bode well for the rest of the season.Follow usInstagram: not that Piccolo one.
  • 45. The Lost Episode: Big Trouble in Little China

    Legend, passed down from time immemorial, states that there was once a podcast so funny, to hear it was to court madness. And so, to protect humanity from its terrible, yet hilarious, blight, seven Sages of Light pooled their sorcery to banish the podcast once and for all. And yet, whispers grew that there was still an episode remaining. An episode that escaped, free to hide within the shadows of unnamed forests. Waiting... waiting for its hour to come at last... as it slouches towards Spotify to be born.Season Two is coming next week...
  • Marvel Minisode: The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

    It's another Marvel Minisode! In honour of Star Wars Day, we covered the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Otherwise known as "The Third Worst Star Wars Movie". Its got all your favorites: Itchy! Lumpy! Art Carney! May the 4th be ever in your favor.Also it's the last episode before a (lengthy?) summer break. Don't cry that it's over. Cry that global warming will continue to cause ever-more dangerous weather patterns, famine, and population displacement.
  • 44. Episode 44 of 1822: Pete's Dragon (2016)

    In Episode 44 of our 1822-part series ranking every film on Disney Plus--and Part 2 of our 2-part series ranking every Pete's Dragon film--Shawn, Rob, and Bob discuss 2016's Pete's Dragon. From director David Lowery and the first film in his Disney "Pete" trilogy, followed by "Peter Pan & Wendy" and culminating in "Pete: The Origin of Goofy's Neighbor".Find us online: Instagram: @podwore Facebook: @podwore The other one: @podwore