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TPN Episode #4

Season 1, Ep. 4

Welcome to another 'The Plone Newsroom'. Please note we do quite a few demo's this episode. The audio only version is a bit funny to listen to while we still practice our 'audio only' commentary skills on what is visible on the screenshares we do. :-$




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  • 17. TPN17: Plone and Volto recent releases, Classic-UI team, Foundation new, Sprint recaps, Plone TuneUP days the Conf and some fresh add'ons.

    While we were chatting and relaxing, Release Manager Maurits van Rees finished the Release Candidate of Plone 6.0.7 on the same day. You can find this pre release announced on with all details, please test if you have some time available, so we can have a stable final release next week.But there was plenty to talk about nonetheless:Plone 6.0.6 and previous (6.0.5/6.0.4) releases, highlightsPlone 5.2.13Volto updates and features in the 17 alpha releasesClassic-UI Team startupPlone Foundation news7 new members welcomed to the FoundationVote on proposes changed to the Plone Foundation BylawsRecent Sprints held in May and June 2023.Beethoven Sprint, BonnMidsummer Sprint, JyväskyläCerrado Sprint, BrasiliaUpcoming EventsMonthly Plone Tune-Up day, September 15th onlinePloneConf 2023, October 2nd- to 8th, EibarAnd we had some time left to discuss add'ons.Fred mentions a number of small add'ons for Plone 6 Classic-UI, that you could add to your projects' policy or content packages but is easier to add and activate :collective.mosaicpage (Zest)collective.abovecontenttitleportlets & collective.belowcontentportlets (Zest)collective.tiles.collection (Redturtle)collective.tiles.discussion  (derived from collective.portlet.dicussion)Philip discusses 4 ways to add Drop Down menu's to a Volto base Plone websitevolto-navigation-dropdown , by Ken Manheimer, with a nice discussion on while he designed and developed the add'on.volto-menu-customization (CodeSyntax)volto-dropdownmenu, (RedTurtle)And finally we ponder about the possibility of a Plone 6.1 alpha release before PloneConf.We hope you enjoy this new podcast, hope to see you online soon or in person at PloneConf in October!
  • 15. TPN15: PloneConf 2023, Alpine City Sprint recap, Plone 6.0.3 and 6.04, World Plone Day and Strategic tasks for Plone

    Topics discussed in this episode of The Plone Newsroom:The PloneConf 2023 website is live and one of the keynote speakers is announced: Olatz Perez de Viñaspre, an associate professor at the University of the Basque Country.The Alpine City Sprint 2023 held in Innsbruck in February 6th to 10thPlone 6.0.3 and 6.0.4 releases, with their releated Volto 16 updated releasesThe Plone 5.1.12 releasewhere the control panel now shows a warning if you use an unsupported Python version with Plone 5.2Upcoming events: World Plone Day 2023. Oh wait, this TPN episode is one of the many great video's aired during World Plone DayThe upcoming Beethoven Sprint in Bonn, Germany in May.The Midsummer Sprint in Jyväskylä, Finland planned at the end of June.And we discuss 'strategic tasks for for Plone'
  • 14. TPN14: Installing and developing Plone with docker, Plone 6.0.2, Alpine City Sprint, upcoming sprints and events

    Topics discussed in this podcast:The Alpine City Sprint 2023 held in Innsbruck in February 6th to 10thPlone 6.0.2 releaseNews about the Mastering Plone TrainingUpcoming events: World Plone Day, submit a talk if you haven't so!And the date of the Beethoven Sprint is now public: 15th to 19th of May.We discuss some results / aera's worked on in Innsbruck like the Plone Addon Gallery, The Plone Architecture definition, and there is a new and promising implemtnation for Plone Distributions.Our feature of this week deals with Container/Docker based Development and Deployment, which was also a fiercely worked on topic at the SprintAudio and video version available at
  • 13. TPN13: Plone 6, 6.0.1 minor patch, Plone Board priorities '23, Steering Circle, Alpine City Sprint

    Back from a not only relaxing holiday season and a too busy January, we recorded the next TPN episode just in time for the first on location sprint in 2023. We discuss:The Plone 6 releasePlone 6.0.1 and 5.2.11 minor patchesPlone 4.3 out of supportThe 2023 priorities of the Plone Foundation boardThe Upgrade of the Steering Circle to version 2.0The upcoming Alpine City Sprint 2023 : Let Plone shine like a diamondHappy listening!
  • 12. TPN12: Plone 6 RC1 and release date, Volto 16 final, community news, debug & GDPR add'ons

    Back to our normal recording locations from home, we discuss this month the following subjects:Releases: Plone 6.0 rc1, Volto 16 final and Plone 6 release datePython 3.11 supported in Plone 6 & speedupsRecap of PloneConf 2022New Ploneboard installed & officers electedPlone Foundation on Mastodonaddon's: and GDPR modules
  • 10. TPN10: PloneConf'22, Plone6.0b2, Plone and Python LTS. Feature & add'ons: Portlets

    We discuss the latest Plone 6.0b2, Long Term Support for Plone and Python versions, we look forward to the upcoming Plone Conference 2022 in Namur with some talks in the schedule. We announce a special upcoming TPN episode .... and as a (small) feature we discuss and show the portlet functionality in Plone and show some add'ons for and tricks with Portlets.
  • 9. TPN Episode #9

    This podcast is mostly about the first beta of Plone 6 which was just released at the end of July. We discuss what is new in the backend and in the default (Volto) and classic frontends. Other topics: the upcoming Plone Conference 2022, We talk about some add'ons and Fred introduces a new subject area: marketing and sales.
  • 8. TPN Episode #8

    This podcast is all about sprints. Phlip and Fred have both been to the Beethoven sprint at the location in Bonn (2nd location this year was in Bucharest). Topics discussed:sprints in general, our past sprint experiences,what was worked on and achieved by people during the Beethoven sprintThe upcoming Plone 6 release but this time zooming in on the included Volto 16 frontendAnd what is next after Volto 16.And all this is done with a special guest that graciously agreed to join us the whole recording: Volto release manager Victor Fernandez de Alba.
  • 7. TPN Episode #7

    Plone 6 Classic, release since 6.0.0a4Basics, UI Bootstrap 5, ES6, TinyMCE Resource registryIcon resolver, modern image scales, dexterity textindexerplone.base to prevent circular imports, code cleanupDevelopment with ES6 supportremoved require.jsmodernized code: es 6 modules and importsmockup is an npm package (like plonetheme.barceloneta)no more resources and bundle resourcesno more through the web compilation of bundlesjQuery still included. Volto 15 development updatesout since mid march, needed to be 15 because of semver & security fix required4 point releases since thenlazy loading: drafs.js. preview image component, Spanish & Basque translationsCI/CD documentation goodness: Volto docs are now merged in the upcoming Plone 6 documentation, check https://docs.voltocms.comQuick demo: Volto 15.4 with 6.0a 4 runs fine, map blockCurrent and upcoming events and sprints:GSoC applications are open Zope April sprint - onlineWorld Plone Day - online and local eventsBeethoven Sprint - May 3rd to 7th, BonnBuschenschank Sprint - May 14th to 19th, Graz/SteiermarkAdd'ons & Misc:collective.easyform 4, Plone 6 compatiblecollective.honeypot and captchazc.buildout 3 going to final, included in 6.0a4, test!