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The Play's the Thing

The Merchant of Venice: Act I

Join Tim, Heidi, and Sarah-Jane as they dive into Shakespeare's great play, The Merchant of Venice. In this episode, they discuss the character of Portia, Shylock's unnerving nature, a little of bit of context, and much more.

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  • Antony and Cleopatra

    A sequel to Julius Caesar, starring two of the most immature lovers of all time. Or maybe they're mature shape-shifters? Sarah-Jane Bentley makes her case. 
  • Philosophy and Shakespeare with Dr. Peter Adamson

    We're joined by Dr. Peter Adamson who hosts the podcast, "The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps." Discussed: What was the most pressing philosophical question of Shakespeare’s day? Plus, we pick our favorite Shakespearean villains! 
  • How to Become a Word-Coining Genius

    William Shakespeare created over 1,700 words. This talk explores how his education helped him invent new words and will give volunteers an opportunity to construct new words.
  • Shakespeare on Leadership

    Shakespeare obsessed over kings and queens and how they ruled. What can we learn from bad kings (like Richard III) and good kings (like Henry V)?
  • Titus Andronicus

    A warning: Don't listen with kids in the car. Shakespeare's bloodiest play includes 14 killings, 6 severed limbs, a rape, a live burial, a case of insanity, and an act of cannibalism. Um, Happy Halloween?
  • Show Preview: Othello - Episode 1 - Marks Set Against Me

    A rich young man named Roderigo rages in anger at Iago when he learns that the woman he’s been pining for (and paying Iago to help him win), Desdemona, has just married Othello, a General who Iago reluctantly serves. Iago tells Roderigo that he hates Othello for promoting Michael Cassio to the rank of Lieutenant over him. Together, they go to the house of Desdemona’s father, Brabantio, to tell him that his daughter has been stolen by Othello. Not wanting his hatred of Othello to be known, Iago steals away before Brabantio sees him. Later, as Iago sits with Othello at his lodgings, Michael Cassio arrives with a message from the Duke informing Othello that he’s needed to help fend off an imminent attack by the Turkish fleet. Brabantio arrives at the Duke’s palace at the same time as Othello and publicly accuses him of stealing his daughter. Othello defends himself by speaking honestly of how he won Desdemona’s affection with tales of his adventures. Desdemona enters to defend her choice in marriage and tells her father before the Duke that her allegiance is to Othello. The Duke is sympathetic to the couple and agrees to consider Desdemona’s request that she be allowed to accompany Othello on his voyage to defend Cyprus against the Turks. The Play On Podcast series, “OTHELLO”, was written by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE and translated into modern English verse by MFONISO UDOFIA. “OTHELLO” is produced by NEXT CHAPTER PODCASTS and is made possible by the generous support of THE HITZ FOUNDATION. Go to to learn more. Subscribe to Play On Premium on Apollo Plus for ad-free episodes and join our Patreon for exclusive merchandise, commercial-free early releases and bonus content videos. And remember: “BEWARE OF JEALOUSY”.
  • Timon of Athens

    Wealthy and popular, Timon of Athens helps friends, gives presents, and holds a feast. But when he runs out of money, none of his friends help. He runs away to a cave, curses humanity, finds gold, funds the destruction of Athens, and dies. Yup. That's the plot. Zoloft anyone?
  • Henry VI: Parts 1, 2, 3

    What happens when every nobleman in the kingdom wants the throne except the man who’s on the throne? The Henry VI trilogy shows us. Buckle up for battles, a cameo by Joan of Arc, more battles, and a wife raising an army against her husband, and a rosey civil war.
  • Richard III: Act V

    Before the battle, the ghosts. All of Richard's victims come to haunt him. Will he look back on his life and repent? And, at the end, how much will he give for a horse?