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The Play's the Thing

Much Ado About Nothing: Act I

Welcome to The Play's the Thing, a podcast dedicated to an ongoing examination and celebration of Shakespeare's entire canon. In this episode, David, Angelina, and Andrew Kern discuss Act I of Much Ado About Nothing.

Topics of conversation include the multiple meanings of the titles, Renaissance cosmology, order and chaos, music, harmony, triangles, and Love and War. And a lot more.

This episode is brought to you our friends at St. John's College - the perfect place for lovers of Shakespeare to take their next academic steps.

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    Audio yearbook podcast. Since we have podcasted all of Shakespeare's plans(!!!) I asked my guests to come on and mention their favorite moments from being on the show. Also: An announcement about the future!Emily MaedaA Winter's Tale, Act V: BentleyDid Shakespeare Write Shakespeare's Plays: KernNora Ankrom and Matthew BiancoThe Taming of the Shrew, Act I: Moment at 47:44Tom PopeTitus Andronicus: Disclaimer at 7:40Favorites Lines at 2:08 or 17:32 (read by Tim)
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    I like to call this act "duke ex machina." The Duke returns, ready to solve everyone's problems. Plus, a special guest asks the question, "Did Shakespeare care about his characters?" Plus, after the podcast, Gaelyn and Tim keep talking at home and Gaelyn forms a theory.
  • Measure for Measure: Act IV

    It's complicated, okay. In Act 4, the Duke (disguised as the Friar) is a puppet master, pulling strings, saving prisoners, ending lives. He also forms a secret plot with Angelo's jilted fiancé. See, it's complicated.
  • Measure for Measure: Act III

    In Measure for Measure, Act 3, Isabella breaks the news to her brother: He will be executed by Angelo. The only alternative is unthinkable to Isabella. But not to her brother. 
  • Measure for Measure: Act II

    The nun, Isabella, asks Angelo to have mercy on her condemned brother. But Angelo is unrelenting. —Unless Isabella is willing to offer something in return. One of the best acts in Shakespeare.
  • Measure for Measure: Act I

    When Angelo is appointed governor, he cleans up Venice, starting with a pregnant couple. Death to the lewd! Except, Angelo sets himself a trap. One of Shakespeare’s hidden gems.