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The Play's the Thing

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Act V

In this last act, Shakespeare gives lessons on how NOT to write a play and answers the question: What motivates more: Facts or imagination?

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  • Richard III: Act III

    No, please, not Hastings. (Yes, Hastings.) No, not the kids! (Yes, even the sons of Edward VI.) Even while slaughtering friends and children, Richard can still appear as pious as a saint.
  • Richard III: Act II

    Richard III schemes and dreams, taking big steps toward claiming the throne. The big news: Warring factions form a "united league” that is interrupted by Clarence’s murder as as the plot and the blood thicken.
  • Richard III: Act I

    The bloodiest villain. The most famous opening monologue. The most demanding role. Richard III plans to "set the murderous Machiavelli to school!" But he won't get away with it. Or will he? Join Emily Maeda and Tim McIntosh for a brilliant opening act.
  • Pericles!

    Is it a tragedy, a comedy, a travelogue, a romance? Whatever the genre, it's probably Shakespeare's least-known play. Join Sophia Maeda, Noah Perrin, and Tim McIntosh as they attempt to decipher the mystery of Pericles.
  • Love's Labours Lost

    Four bros attempt to be abstinent scholars. No women. Lots of fasting. Heaps of books. What could possibly go wrong? Almost everything. Thankfully, four women save the bros from themselves.
  • Dr. Christopher Perrin Joins the Show, Part 2

    Join Tim as he continues his Shakespeare-themed conversation with Dr. Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press. They tell classical jokes, wonder why people don't like Shakespeare, and liken classical education to cold swim in a strong river.
  • Dr. Christopher Perrin Joins the Show to Discuss Teaching Shakespeare, Part 1

    Join Tim in the first part of a conversation with Dr. Chris Perrin about how to teach Shakespeare, about the neglected virtue of prudence, and about the promise of classical education.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Act IV

    Act IV is the "hangover act." The regret act. The foggy act. So join the crew as they dig into the unsettling (but humorous) nature of these climactic scenes.