The Philosophy of Podcasting


Melanie De Gioia of Ramaley Media

Discovering podcasts was a pivotal moment in Melanie’s life. It was a moment that showed her the path to Ramaley Media. For over 20 years Mel worked extensively in the IT space, never realising she should be considered as working within STEM. It wasn’t until she started her first podcast – Beer with an engineer – that Mel really realised her passion for being a STEM Advocate. And through Ramaley Media, Mel is shining a light on all things STEM to encourage and inspire the world. The goal of Ramaley Media is to take existing knowledge and rearrange it so that it can be perceived in an easier and more engaging manner. In 2001 Dr. Judith Ramaley coined the acronym STEM for the first time in reference to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Prior to that, it was referred to as SMET – “I didn’t like the sound of that word,” Ramaley is quoted as saying. Ramaley Media honours the key concept of what Dr. Ramaley did back in 2001. She took the acronym SMET and rearranged it to be STEM. This simple rearrangement forever changed the way society perceived and interacted with science, technology, engineering, and maths. She changed the world, and so will we. You can find Zane on LinkedIn,,, or you can email them at

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