#247. 33 Female Founders on the Value of Pursuing Your Passion

From waking up every day energized to feeling happy and fulfilled, there are plenty of reasons why pursuing your passion is worth the hustle. But when the grind gets tough, we need a little bit of motivation, and a whole lot of optimism, to keep us going on our entrepreneurial journey. If you’re searching for some encouragement right now — don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

In this special bonus episode of Peers2Peers, powered by Shopify, we’ve pulled together the ultimate, inspirational highlight reel featuring 33 amazing female founders answering our forever favorite question: What is the value of pursuing what you’re most passionate about?


Alexa Buckley − Co-Founder of Margaux

Sarah Pierson − Co-Founder of Margaux

Brittany Garth-Freeman − Owner of Pinq Inc.

Kaeya Majmundar − Founder and CEO of Swaypay

Meika Hollender − SVP on Marketing of Nara Organics

Gemma Sole − Director of Product Marketing of Incremental

Natasha Takahashi − Co-Founder & COO of School of Bots

Kim Patel − COO of Break the Love

Jessica Wolf − CEO & Co-Founder of Skye

Alexa DePasquale − Director of Strategy of Bullish Inc.

Vanessa Pham − Co-Founder of Omsom

Nina Faulhaber − Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Aday

Maxxie Goldstein − Founder & CEO of MEYVYN

Vanessa Stofenmacher − Founder of Silent Opus

Eva Chan − Co-Founder of Launch Pop

Kim Pham − Co-Founder of Omsom

Nikita Gupta − Co-Founder & CTO of Symba

Andra Vaduva − Founder of Hiboo

Xenia Muntean − Co-Founder & CEO of Planable

Yulkendy Valdez − Product Manager of Visbile Hands

Kim Kaupe − Bright Ideas Only

Sophia Danner-Okotie − Founder of Besida LLC

Liz Klinger − Co-Founder & CEO of Lioness

Rachel Carpenter − Founder & CEO of Intrinio

Rooshy Roy − Founder & CEO of AAVRANI

Sarah Chen − Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Beyond The Billion

Shireen Jaffer − Co-Founder & CEO of Edvo

Adelle Archer − CEO & Co-Founder of Eterneva

Shilpa Yarlagadda − Founder & CEO of Shiffon Co.

Allison Lee − Founder & CEO of Hemster

Jenn Chin − Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Toybox Labs

Emma Bates − Co-Founder & CEO of Diem

Carly Mednick − Founder & COO of Monday Talent

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