#144. Skyler Mapes: The Co-Founder of EXAU Olive Oil on One of Oprah’s Favorite Things

When today’s guest, Skyler Mapes visited her now-husband’s parents in his hometown of Le Castella Calabria, she also met their orchard of olive trees - while not as personable, they were just as intimidating. Upon returning to Texas, Skyler couldn’t forget the taste Calabria had left, so she decided not to leave it and relocate to Italy. 

In 2017, EXAU Olive Oil was born - a family-owned direct-to-consumer olive oil brand. It’s good, really good, it’s one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and soon-to-be yours. But there’s more than oil to be shared in today’s episode powered by Shopify, and there’s more to Skyler than her taste in olives. As one of the first black female olive oil producers, Skyler reflects on the ways culture, history and family have shaped her identity and voice, and how to navigate starting a business in a space you’re unfamiliar with. 

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