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Luchini:3 Amazing ways to Support Your Kids Returning to In person schools

Season 3, Ep. 2

In this episode, Kim and I discuss how she supports black and transracial youth and their families in managing the world o grief, loss, and racial trauma in her practice. While talking about how we can support our kids with returning back to in-person school. 

Kim Wheeler Poitevin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in childhood grief and loss. She also treats children experiencing racial disparity and discrimination in private white institutions. Kim is the owner of Amel Counseling and Consulting, a private therapy practice located and Ask Amel, a parent coaching firm in Philadelphia, Pa.

Insights from this episode

  • How to Identify that your child is experiencing microaggressions or racial trauma
  • Ways to Boost your child’s self-esteem
  • Tips to get your child’s school to listen to your suggestions
  • Affects that race and culture has on your child’s assessment results
  • Ways to Support Your Child in Returning to School In-Person

Quotes from the show:

“They may be neurodivergent, have ADHD, executive functioning, they may even have some intellectual disabilities, but that doesn't mean that they don't have emotions and feelings. It doesn't mean that they can't see and experience differences and it doesn't mean that they can't pick up on internal biases and implicit biases. -Kim Poitevin

“I surely am not okay with kids being at or people saying that by their grace, we are allowed here. We have rights and we have rights to feel and our kids 100% have rights to feel and they should have the right to say, "Hey, I want something that looks like me."- Kim Poitevin

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