The Paranoid Strain


Stupid Land: Church of Latter-Day Flat

Ok. Nobody panic. It’s happening again. But we’ve been through this before, haven’t we? We understand that sometimes terrible things happen. Wars. Plagues. Disasters. Stupid Land. Yes, they’re back. And it appears they’re multiplying–this episode relates a report from a hitherto unsuspected third Chad. Whether this 50% increase in Chadness is through ideological reprogramming, some sort of slimy parthenogenesis, or simply the cruel whim of a callous deity, we now must experience their collective take on our previous episode. Flat Earth. Which, to be fair, is nearly as stupid as the Land they call home. Enjoy or endure, and we’ll see you next month with a regular episode. Attributions: SwingWhale - S Strong - Whitestick (read more at

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