The Paranoid Strain


Sovereign Citizens to Wesley Snipes

Hey there, strangers. We’re publishing our fifth episode. And on time, no less. This is our fifth episode, and the third of our series on the history of right wing, racist movements, and their evolution into the Sovereign Citizens. But most importantly, this is the episode where we explain why Wesley Snipes went to jail. That may seem like a weird point to harp on, but that’s actually the conundrum that we sought to explain when we originally conceived of this podcast, lo these many years ago. Honest to god, we love this episode. It’s got a bunch of great Youtube videos where Sovereigns act crazy, including the all-time grand champeen of Sovereign insanity. It’s got an interview with the guy who traced the spread of Sovereign ideas from white racists to black federal court defendants. And an actual, honest-to-god letter from a real reader who isn’t our daughter! We... (read more at

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