The Paranoid Strain


Quick Hit: Alex Jones and the Denver Airport

Hey there, Strainiacs. Today, we bring you another of our Quick Hit episodes. Yes, that means the return of the Quick Hit guy. PARANOID STRAIN! QUICK HIT!!!!! Yeah. We missed him, too. It’s also a weird sort of hybrid. We were planning to do a show based on our interview and tour at Denver International Airport in 2017, where we were able to carefully document the true stories behind the unmitigated spew of nonsense you’ll get from conspiracists about the place’s sinister origins and purpose. But at the same time, we realized we had more to say about Alex Jones that we didn’t fully cover in our False Flags episode last year. So rather than choose, we just kinda…glued them together. We hope you enjoy, then, a quick catch-up on the long, ongoing fall of Alex Jones and Infowars, as well as a fun overview of the DEN nonsense. As... (read more at

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