The Paranoid Strain


New: Secret Societies I, Part 21 - The Illuminati 1

Season 4, Ep. 21

Off-schedule, but on-topic, we bring you the first of two Illuminati episodes to wrap up this epic series. This one's the story of the actual, real-life 18th-century group whose brief but influential existence led them, through a bizarre series of twists and turns, to become the "big bad" of all conspiracy thinking. The final boss, if you will. The Kaiser Soze hiding behind the Masons' Verbal Kint (spoilers, we guess). We have a new interviewee, Terry Melanson, the man who wrote the most comprehensive book on the structure of the Illuminati in recent years (at least in English), as well as some returning guests. Hope you like it. Back as soon as we can with the final chapter.

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