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The Paranoid Strain

New: Secret Societies I, Part 21 - The Illuminati 1

Season 4, Ep. 21

Off-schedule, but on-topic, we bring you the first of two Illuminati episodes to wrap up this epic series. This one's the story of the actual, real-life 18th-century group whose brief but influential existence led them, through a bizarre series of twists and turns, to become the "big bad" of all conspiracy thinking. The final boss, if you will. The Kaiser Soze hiding behind the Masons' Verbal Kint (spoilers, we guess). We have a new interviewee, Terry Melanson, the man who wrote the most comprehensive book on the structure of the Illuminati in recent years (at least in English), as well as some returning guests. Hope you like it. Back as soon as we can with the final chapter.

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  • 30. New! Qanon: How we got here - Epstein, butterflies, and the return of the Unicorn

    She has returned to us! Oh, blessed day. Yes, it is with gratitude that we say goodbye to Elena Pegasus and hello to our very own mythical horse lady, freshly returned from her monthlong European summer sojurn. MUST BE NICE. And we look back on the Epstein story (still unconvinced that he had help killing himself), and talk about why Q nuts went buggy last year about a butterfly sanctuary. In the home stretch. See you in two weeks.
  • 29. New! Qanon: How we got here - Q invades Deutschland and Down Under

    One day later than you might have expected, due to the Labor Day holiday, we're wrapping up our Q world tour with a couple of scenic stops in Australia and Germany to learn how our favorite home-grown American nonsense has impacted our friends around the world. Co-host Elena Pegasus continues to keep this train a-running, but look forward to the triumphant return of Ms. Unicorn next episode, when we'll also return to the amber waves of grain to wrap up our marathon Qanon series with a few more episodes on contemporary Q. See you in a couple of weeks, and thanks as always for, if you'd like to support.
  • 28. New! Qanon: How we got here - Romana Didulo, The Q-ueen of Canada

    The terrifying reign of Elena Pegasus continues! Seriously, though, our guest co-host once again joins us to explore another truly bizarre story from the annals of Qanon. This one is Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, and trust me when I tell you the story is weirder than you think it is, even if you've heard something about her and her oddball followers before. This one's a lot of fun. We have a few more of these before we exhaust Qanon, and we're gonna try to end with a bang. Thanks, as always, for, if you would like to support the show.
  • 27. New! Qanon: How we got here - Elena Pegasus explains "Let's Go Brandon"

    Don't Panic! Our lovely Dana Unicorn is on monthlong European vacation (MUST BE NICE! I'm not bitter), and the wonderful Elena Pegasus, her cousin, has stepped into the breach as we detail the fallout of Russiagate, and how it affected the growth of Q, Plus, we talk about the dumbest political slogan of my lifetime. More Elena next week, as we dive into the Qanon Queen of Canada.
  • 26. New! Qanon: How we got here - Maybe the "Russia Hoax" was...kind of fake news. Really.

    This time, I'm maybe gonna hit some of you where it hurts. By "some of you", I mean "those of you who like me loathe Trump and want to believe every bad story about him, and have trouble admitting we may have been wrong about some of them." So, yeah. We're talking about Russia Gate, and how those who cling to it in spite of a total lack of evidence are--to a very, very small extent--kind of putting themselves on the same continuum as the Q nuts. WE'RE NOT MAKING FALSE EQUIVALENCES. We're just trying to innoculate y'all (and ourselves) from believing stuff we want to believe, even if it's not true. We think this is a really good one. Hope you agree.
  • 25. New! Qanon: How we got here - Q, The Clinton Body Count, and the COVID Lab Leak

    Hi everybody. This time, as promised, we actually get back to talking about the last few years of Qanon. But not until we reveal the cordwood stacks of bodies that Bill and Hillary supposedly left in their bloody path to power. Oh, and we also reminisce about that time Christopher Hitchens wrote a book about all the times the Clintons lied. It's all kind of a hoot. Enjoy, We're back on normal post-holiday schedule. See you in a couple of weeks.
  • 24. New! Qanon: How we got here - The Clintons and the Vast Right-Wing Q-onspiracy

    Greetings from the PAST! I have uploaded this show early, because I'm on what we like to call "vacation." However, the content wheel never stops spinning, and so today you will hear all about Glenn Beck's Agenda 21 freakout (aka New World Order Part 2), and then the origins of the Clinton mania that eventually led to the "but her emails" and Qanon baby-eating rumors. Still stuck in the 90s, Jesuit's heyday, but next time we're ACTUALLY GONNA TALK ABOUT CONTEMPORARY QANON. I know. I'm surprised, too.
  • 23. New! Qanon: How we got here - Black helicopters over Iron Mountain

    Miss us? Well, we missed YOU! But we appreciate your bearing with us during our post-Upon A Red Horse break. Our batteries recharged, we continue our discussion of the New World Order panic of the 90s and how it led directly to some of Q's major currents. This time, it's panic about black helicopters, and over a satire that they misread as a real plan for remaking the world. It's nice to be with you again. See you in a couple weeks.
  • New! Upon A Red Horse: Act V

    In which Fletcher slowly loses what matters most to him, secures his legend, and goes down, senselessly, in a hail of bullets.Full lyrics, credits, and gorgeous fold-out album style artwork (it's a .zip file): to the music as an album on Soundcloud: it? Please do spread the word.