The Paranoid Strain


Historical Political Conspiracies--Complete

Hi, everybody. This is our first show with our new hosting service, so hopefully you're receiving this the same way you did previously, and nothing wonky has happened with your feeds. If it has, all apologies. This, as promised, is the complete, full-length politics episode, with all six previous short episode stitched together into a giant Frankenstein's monster of an audio behemoth--three and a half hours of previously released glory. There are a few new things to enjoy here. For example, we did a little wrap-up and the full credits at the end. Then, after the theme song, we included full-length versions of all of the new music the Paranoid Strain orchestra created for this series. And finally, at the very, very end, we may have a little easter egg from Ms. Unicorn.

We suppose we've got some new folks listening to us, thanks to our brand new podcast network. If another show in the That's Not Canon roster sent you our way, we're glad to have you. We'll be returning the favor by promoting some of our new favorites on future episodes.

Finally, we may have been able to insert a couple of advertisements into the show, if we figured it out correctly. Hope they don't bother you, but we're happy to hear what you think about all of these changes going on with your favorite anti-conspiracy podcast. Drop us a line, won't you, at

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