The Paranoid Strain


Archive Episode 17, Part 2

The time has come for the second part of our Archive presentation of Episode 17. This segment of our Reality Part 1 Episode is mostly concerned with the ideas of philosophers who are thought of as idealists, rather than materialists. These folks include Plato, Hume, Berkeley, Kant, and others who think that the mind is the primary thing we need to think about when we're dealing with reality, since that's the only way that anything gets thought about in the first place. We hope you enjoy it. While you're listening to podcasts, have you checked out 20-minute history, also on the That's Not Canon network? This show does a bangup job giving you bite-sized biographies of important historical figures you don't know, and even some you think you know, but could know better. You know? Check it out here: 20 Minute History — That's Not Canon Productions.

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