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Noam Chomsky on Ukraine and nuclear armageddon

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Noam Chomsky is one of the world's pre-eminent intellectuals, and an icon of dissent going back literally generations. I speak to him about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and what anti-war activists should be saying. What does he think about the role of NATO? Should the left supporting arming Ukraine on the basis this is a naked war of aggression? What are Russia's war aims? What would a peace deal look like in these circumstances - and how would it last? And most of all - does he think a nuclear war is possible?

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  • I Watched The Hamas Massacre Film. Here's My Thoughts.

    I was invited to watch a screening - organised by the IDF - of the Hamas atrocities committed on 7th October. Here's my response in detail."When you learn of the horrors which humans are capable of inflicting against each other, you either allow these horrors to deepen your humanity or you use those horrors to numb your humanity so that you can be complicit in even more, and indeed often, greater horrors."
  • Gary Lineker Smeared Over My Gaza Interview

    When Gary Lineker suggested an interview with an Israeli-American scholar in genocide and Holocaust studies was worth watching, the British media combusted. But there's a crucial lesson here - about the attempt to silence those speaking out about one of the great horrors of our time.
  • Ex-Obama Aide Arrested For Racist Rant

    But this isn't a one-off - it tells you everything you need to know about US foreign policy towards the Palestinians.
  • What The Hell Happened In Dublin? - Journalist Una Mullally Explains

    Far right violence erupted in Dublin yesterday after the shocking news of three children and a woman being attacked. The brilliant journalist Una Mullally joins us to explain exactly what happened - and how ignoring the far right has proved a disastrous mistake.
  • Economist Takes Apart Autumn Statement - With James Meadway

    If you want to know exactly what the Autumn Statement means - and tear apart Jeremy Hunt's spin - the brilliant economist James Meadway (host of Macrodose) tears it apart.
  • LIVE: The Gaza Truce Explained

    As a four day 'truce' is announced, we have the best latest analysis, including from:- Aimee Shalan, Chair of the British Palestinian Committee and Director of Makan, a Palestinian-led educational organisation- Uri Weltmann , the National Field Organizer of Standing Together, the biggest grassroots movement of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel- Dr Michael Silva, a Consultant Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals
  • Why Gaza Is So Much Worse Than You Think

    Even for those passionately opposed to Israel's assault on Gaza, there's a lack of understanding of just how dire the catastrophe facing the Palestinian people is. It needs setting out here - thoroughly.
  • Gaza 'Textbook Case of Genocide' - Holocaust Scholar Rez Segal

    Raz Segal - an Israeli associate professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Stockton University in the US - is someone you need to listen to. When he uses the term 'genocide', it is not done lightly - it is with precision. Here he sets out the case that the Israeli state is committing an ongoing genocide in Gaza - and questions of intent, incitement, prevention and accountability.
  • Israeli Lies Debunked

    We take these claims apart.