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Matt Hancock's Car Crash Says It All About Our Political Elite

I mean, this guy was Health Secretary, part of a government which oversaw a totally catastrophic response to the pandemic, broke his own rules, then tries to spin himself as the victim. Pathetic - and it sums our political elite up.

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    After the nauseating misogynistic attacks on journalist Ava Evans, Laurence Fox has been suspended by GB News - but Dan Wootton, himself the subject of serious accusations, apparently remains on air. But what now for this cesspit of a news channel - and what does this episode tell us about Britain in 2023?We're joined by Novara Media's Dalia Gebrial.
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    Rupert Murdoch has stepped down as the head of his malicious media empire - and now is the time for honesty about the carnage this man has helped unlash.
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    Rishi Sunak is lying to you. He is lying through his teeth. And he's trying to throw your future under a bus for short term political gain. Don't let him get away with it.
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    You might think that, after crashing the economy and leaving the Tories in political ruin, Liz Truss might just quietly depart the political stage. Not so! I honestly think she wants to be PM all over again...
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  • Rory Stewart Defends Jeremy Corbyn

    Rory Stewart is a pin up for centrist dads everywhere - and his defence of Jeremy Corbyn is going to have them frothing, to say the least. But what he says needs to be heard carefully.
  • LIVE SHOW: Rishi Sunak Self-Combusts

    The Tories are in freefall and face electoral annihilation - and now a panicked Rishi Sunak is desperately thrashing around, now throwing net zero promises under a bus. Where does he think this will end for him?We're joined by Adam Bienkov from Byline Times and Leo Murray, the co-director of climate campaign group Possible.