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Martin Lewis Eats Tories For Breakfast

Oooooof. If you're a Tory trying to spin water privatisation as a resounding success, probably don't do it on a panel with Martin Lewis. And as we see, the claims about our crap spewing water industry are based on lies - which is why public ownership is the only practical solution.

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  • Rishi Sunak: A Liar and a Conman

    Rishi Sunak is lying to you. He is lying through his teeth. And he's trying to throw your future under a bus for short term political gain. Don't let him get away with it.
  • Liz Truss Plotting Tory Takeover

    You might think that, after crashing the economy and leaving the Tories in political ruin, Liz Truss might just quietly depart the political stage. Not so! I honestly think she wants to be PM all over again...
  • Suella Braverman's New Low

    Being horrified by Suella Braverman might seem like a waste of emotional energy - but her latest public utterances are disturbing, and this is why.
  • Rory Stewart Defends Jeremy Corbyn

    Rory Stewart is a pin up for centrist dads everywhere - and his defence of Jeremy Corbyn is going to have them frothing, to say the least. But what he says needs to be heard carefully.
  • LIVE SHOW: Rishi Sunak Self-Combusts

    The Tories are in freefall and face electoral annihilation - and now a panicked Rishi Sunak is desperately thrashing around, now throwing net zero promises under a bus. Where does he think this will end for him?We're joined by Adam Bienkov from Byline Times and Leo Murray, the co-director of climate campaign group Possible.
  • Tories' Desperate Attack On Labour

    Rishi Sunak's attack on Labour over immigration underlines one basic fact - the Tories are in a desperate, desperate place - and this isn't going to work.
  • Capitalist Accidentally Exposes Capitalism

    OK, I know what you're thinking: 'this guy is a pantomime villain, 'yuck', 'I can't believe how awful these people are'. But this capitalist accidentally revealed the truth about capitalism - and it needs to be heard.
  • Labour's Tory Policies Torn Apart

    The Tories have wrecked the country - and if Labour doesn't offer a bold alternative now, then when? If you listen to Rachel Reeves' car crash interview, the answer is "never".
  • Tories Plot New Class War

    The real class warriors are the Conservatives - and new secret plans being cooked up underline exactly why.