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BBC Tory Bias Smoking Gun

The right-wing media in this country has successfully long peddled a lie: that the BBC is somehow left-wing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The BBC has long promoted pro-Establishment coverage - but in the last few years, it's been Torified. Leaked emails and WhatsApps show how the Tories successfully pressured the BBC to do its bidding. In doing so, it may well be that the BBC has dug its own grave.

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    This says everything about Starmer's Labour. Jamie Driscoll - the hugely successful mayor purged by the party's leadership because he believes in public ownership, higher taxes on the rich and scrapping tuition fees - speaks out.
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    Enough is enough. We've been lied to for years: and so I'm going to show the truth about immigration, and how it's been used to deflect anger at everything wrong with this country.
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    Ok, Keir Starmer cheerleaders. Come and try and defend this, without resorting to "waa waa you're a Tory enabler!!"
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    The Tories want you to believe that we're out of the woods on the economy, but facts are facts: inflation is higher than predicted - particularly food prices; inflation is higher than any Western European nation; and interest rates are set to go even higher than projected. Just how bad a mess are we in - and how much worse will it get?We're joined by brilliant economist James Meadway.
  • Martin Lewis Eats Tories For Breakfast

    Oooooof. If you're a Tory trying to spin water privatisation as a resounding success, probably don't do it on a panel with Martin Lewis. And as we see, the claims about our crap spewing water industry are based on lies - which is why public ownership is the only practical solution.
  • Suella Braverman: A National Disgrace

    Suella Braverman has already been forced to resign once for her behaviour in office, and now she's embroiled in allegations that - after she was caught speeding - she tried to get civil servants to arrange a one on one speeding awareness course to avoid embarrassment. But the real scandal of Braverman goes so much deeper.