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EP 3 - (Not) going down with the ship

Ep. 3

We are all in the same boat. And that is exactly why the virus keeps expanding.

This week Covid-19 created a chaotic situation among the top ranks of the US Navy, while over 120 infected people are stuck on a cruise ship anchored off the coast of Uruguay.

In this episode, we also talk about India, where the lockdown is widening social inequalities and escalating Islamophobia.

On the extreme opposite, Sweden is the last fortress of liberty as the only European country without a mandatory lockdown. In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for antibody testing and dogs, they might solve the crisis

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  • 6. EP 6 - The race to trace

    Tracking apps could solve the coronavirus crisis, but are we ready to put our privacy at stake? Today we will discuss the South Korean approach and the challenges of using intrusive technology when it comes to public health. We are also talking about the pros and cons of keeping children home from school, and how the Muslim community is coping with Ramadan under lockdown. Finally, the latest victim of Covid-19? Belgian fries.
  • 5. EP 5 - It's an anti-vaxxer's world

    Anti-vaxxers' dream has finally come true: a world without a vaccine is finally here.This week we have them on our top story, and how're they dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.Also, have you noticed how the lockdown is affecting your 'need for perfection'? If that's the case, you are not alone - we talk about that too.And, as Europe prepares to enter the second phase of the lockdown, we are going to see all the uncertainties that this 'new normality' entails, especially for the hospitality industry.
  • 4. EP 4 - Covid protection is a men's business

    Who runs Covid? Girls! Then why don't they get tailored protection? In this episode, we see how women, the vast majority of frontline workers during the outbreak, are finding personal protective equipment (PPE) neither comfortable nor safe. We will also guide you through a second ongoing pandemic, the invasion of locusts attacking crops across East Africa, and dig into your weirdest coronavirus anxiety-induced dreams. If you are now getting worried that not even sleep will give you respite from the virus, watch professional wrestling to put your mind off - the US has officially declared WWE an essential service. Priorities, we guess.
  • 2. EP 2 - Fear and loathing in Italian supermarkets

    Hands up! This is a pasta robbery! In this episode, we are going to see how money shortage is turning hungry quarantined Italians to violence to get basic food.In the meanwhile, Chinese authorities are allegedly lying on the real number of coronavirus deaths, and Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been given extraordinary powers with no end date.But if you want to forget all this mess, the Internet will save you. Whether you want to Netflix and chill or engage in virtual sex parties, you will not get bored.
  • 1. EP 1 - No pray, no play in a pandemic

    In this week's episode, we will look at people in lockdown getting creative when it comes to sports and religion. While some are running a marathon in their garden, others sip holy cow urine to get immunity from the virus.We will also see how Russia, the largest country on the globe, has less confirmed cases of Covid-19 than Iceland, one of the least populated states in Europe, and how Chinese propaganda is taking advantage of the crisis by offering international aid.There is also positive news out there. While the world is still rushing to find a vaccine for Coronavirus, a man in the UK has made a full recovery from HIV.