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Lizzie Halliday: The Worst Woman On Earth

Season 1, Ep. 7

In the 1890s, Lizzie Halliday was branded as "The worst woman on Earth" after the grizzly discovery of her trail of murders. Some claimed she was mad, some claimed she was acting mad to get out of being the first woman executed in the electric chair.

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  • 14. John P. Holland

    John P Holland was an Irish-American engineer who developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the US Navy, and the first Royal Navy submarine.
  • 13. Christian Davies: The Woman Who Fought In The British Army While Disguised As A Man

    Christian Davies has a fascinating story to tell. After her husband got drunk and found himself enlisted in the British Army, she decided to take matters into her own hands and seek him out. She disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the British Army and this is where her fascinating story begins.
  • 12. Typhoid Mary: Murderer or Victim?

    Mary Mallon was an Irish-born cook who infected 53 people with typhoid fever. She worked as a cook for some of New Yorks' highest social movers, and brought what was seen as a lower class disease to the upper classes despite showing no symptoms herself. This is the story of Typhoid Mary
  • 11. U Dhammaloka: The Irish Revolutionary Monk

    This week is a little different. Not only are we talking about the amazing U Dhammaloka, but we're also speaking to our good friend Jamie who spent most of last year in a monastery as a Buddhist monk. We learn about Buddhism, as well as the daily life of a monk.
  • 10. Three Vignettes

    We are doing something a bit different this week. During research, we sometimes come across really interesting stories that aren't big enough to make into a full episode. So this week we're bringing you three of those stories. Also, please feel free to check us out on Patreon where we'll be posting additional episodes:
  • 9. Connolly's Column: The Irish Men who fought Franco

    A brave troop of Irish men, going against the wishes of the Irish Government, left Dublin to join the Socialist movement in Spain. Many saw this as a precursor to World War Two, many saw it as a fight between two opposing ideologies. Whatever the reasons, Irish men fought on both sides of the Spanish Civil War, and in this episode, we look into the side known as Connolly's Column.Even the Olives are Bleeding Documentary: Newspapers and the Spanish Civil War:
  • 8. Kathleen Goligher - The Belfast Medium Who Oozed Ectoplasm

    Kathleen Goligher was one of the members of the Goligher Circle who were a family of mediums based out of Belfast in the early 1900s.She gained international notoriety when stories of her seances and rapping sessions (not what you're thinking!) made it into the newspapers in Ireland and the UK and Houdini himself dispatched people to prove the veracity of her claims. So was any of it true? Or was it all just a bunch of smoke, mirrors, and ectoplasm?
  • 6. Goody Ann Glover - Boston's Last Witch

    Kicked out of Ireland during Cromwell's reign, Ann Glover arrived in the USA via Barbados where she went on to cast spells on local children... Or so the story goes. Join us this week as we dig into the truth behind Boston's last witch.