The Next Mile

Transportation is such an underrated and typically unsexy topic, but you’re wrong. We like whining about traffic and leaving it behind with us at the watercooler, but, in reality, evolving how we move will make us a better species.

I think we’ve reached a tipping point where converging tech is going to let us take the hacksaw to our traditional transportation infrastructure.

We’ll talk to established leaders in transportation, some trail-blazing pioneers and policymakers and pundits who are all leading the charge and looking to innovate how we move – at very least they’re taking a hard, curious and revealing look at what I call the most important issue we can all do something about.

The Next Mile Podcast - presented by Beam Imagination - because the future of how we move could define what types of lives we lead.

Pouya Dianat

Pouya Dianat is a futurist and creative at the Atlanta-based creative studio, Beam Imagination. His work has revolved around reimagining which stories are told, in particular, within the transportation and technology industries. With a keen focus on where the future needs us to shift as a society, Pouya brings a unique world view to solving looming challenges that are ahead of us. He is passionate about the role that transit, transportation can play in strengthening our communities by addressing their impact on the environment and equity.