cover art for Ep2. Learn to Love Yourself

The New Dawn Diary

Ep2. Learn to Love Yourself

Season 1, Ep. 2

In your new member's package you'll find an assortment of technology. We'll begin to take you through how to use it so you may begin your journey to a new beginning.

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  • Ep.0 Seize Your Opportunity

    Welcome to a New Dawn, a place where technology meets spirituality to help you unlock your full potential. Our research is dedicated to exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, using cutting-edge technology to enhance our understanding of the human experience and help us achieve a higher state of consciousness.
  • 1. Ep1. Welcome to New Dawn

    You are here because you believe the human mind contains untapped potential. I'm here to help you begin your journey into what you were always meant to be.
  • 3. Kindness in Cruelty

    You will face many hurdles in your attempt to integrate into the New Dawn Institute. We will touch on what you can expect and how best to navigate through the difficulties that you are sure to face.