The New Bazaar


What Neoliberalism Means Now

Season 1, Ep. 38

Cardiff speaks with Jeremiah Johnson, the co-founder and political director of The Neoliberal Project, to discuss the historical evolution of what it means to be Neoliberal, and why advocates and critics of Neoliberalism so often talk past each other.

Jeremiah clarifies for Cardiff the current Neoliberal position on taxes, unions, healthcare, Universal Basic Income, privatization of public services, trade with China, the minimum wage, regulation, and more issues. They discuss the challenges of shifting the definition of a word that ideological opponents and others have already fixed in their minds, why disputes over definitions are nothing new, and why Jeremiah is hopeful.

This episode is simultaneously being featured on The Neoliberal Podcast, which Jeremiah hosts, and which features economists, academics, and industry leaders—including both advocates and, admirably, critics of Neoliberalism.

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