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Trust me, I’m an economist

Season 1, Ep. 22

Ben Ho’s latest book is called Why Trust Matters: An Economist’s Guide to the Ties that Bind

His chat with Cardiff is about exactly that: How the concept of trust applies to all kinds of different economic interactions that we experience throughout our lives. And the research that helps us understand why trust so often breaks down, and potentially how to build it back up. 

For example, how do you write a contract between two people or two companies that enhances trust rather than erodes it. When do prenuptial agreements enhance trust, and when don’t they? What about religion and its role in fostering the kind of trust that matters for the economy? 

Why is gossip actually good for trust? When can we trust our economic policymakers? What affect does social media and tools to monitor online reputations have on our trust in each other? 

All this and much more on today’s episode. 

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