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The New Abnormal

Why SCOTUS’ Delay on Trump Immunity Call May Spell Trouble

Season 1, Ep. 431

“The most frustrating thing to me about this is the fact that Donald Trump’s attorneys walked into the Supreme Court–I know that this sounds like the beginning of a joke, it is, but it’s not funny–and said basically that if Donald Trump as president decided that he wanted to get Team SEAL 6 to go ahead and kill his political opponent he could do that and unless he was found to be impeached by the House and by the Senate, then he’s not liable for the crimes that he commits. It shouldn’t have taken hours of deliberation to make a decision here,” Moodie said. “It’s a case that never should have been heard at all. It should have just been dismissed out of hand and they could have just simply written ‘no’ and that would’ve been the end of that. Or ‘no, this is stupid. Stop bothering us with this crap,’” Levy said.

Plus! CNN commentator S.E. Cupp talks to The New Abnormal about her new show on Fox TV called Battleground and why Democrats need to stop trying to replace Joe Biden this close to the election. MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner also joins the podcast to talk about all the Trumpworld co-stars currently in jail or on trial.

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