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The New Abnormal

Pride Organizer Says Gay Floridians Are Leaving in Droves

Season 1, Ep. 320

Things are pretty bleak for the LGBTQ+ community in Florida thanks to Ron DeSantis’ blitz of hate legislation. Pride celebrations being cancelled just part of the fallout. The President and CEO of Lake County Pride, Danielle Olivani, joins TNA co-host Danielle Moodie on this episode of The New Abnormal to share why the group is moving ahead with their celebrations anyway, the pushback its gotten in spite of it, and the impact these bans have had on the community’s youth, in particular. Olivani also notes what they see as a “mass migration” out of the state because of it. Plus: Part 2 of author James Risen’s interview with TNA co-host Andy Levy, where he shares more about Senator Frank Church, the man who lead the Church Hearings against the CIA and FBI (and who Jimmy Carter called a jerk in his diaries).

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