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The New Abnormal

Hunter Biden on Burisma, Don Jr., and Cooking Crack!

Season 1, Ep. 108

On a special edition of our hit podcast The New Abnormal, the president’s son opens up to Molly Jong-Fast about … well, about a lot. Why the Trumps continue to go after him so hard. Why his wife won’t let him have a laptop. How easy it is to cook crack cocaine. How hard it is to live in fear of a relapse. 

But Hunter Biden also gave some hard-to-swallow answers about the emails he traded with the bigwigs at energy companies in China and Ukraine—answers that could come back to haunt him. It’s all part of an absolutely gripping episode that you absolutely have to hear.

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  • MAGA Rapper Sinks to New Low After ‘Ratchet’ Rant

    Valentina Gomez, who is running for Secretary of State of Missouri, is trying to be the loudest, most outrageous voice on the right. Plus! The New York Times bestselling journalist Jeff Goodell joins the podcast to talk about his new book, The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet.
  • 431. Why SCOTUS’ Delay on Trump Immunity Call May Spell Trouble

    “The most frustrating thing to me about this is the fact that Donald Trump’s attorneys walked into the Supreme Court–I know that this sounds like the beginning of a joke, it is, but it’s not funny–and said basically that if Donald Trump as president decided that he wanted to get Team SEAL 6 to go ahead and kill his political opponent he could do that and unless he was found to be impeached by the House and by the Senate, then he’s not liable for the crimes that he commits. It shouldn’t have taken hours of deliberation to make a decision here,” Moodie said. “It’s a case that never should have been heard at all. It should have just been dismissed out of hand and they could have just simply written ‘no’ and that would’ve been the end of that. Or ‘no, this is stupid. Stop bothering us with this crap,’” Levy said.Plus! CNN commentator S.E. Cupp talks to The New Abnormal about her new show on Fox TV called Battleground and why Democrats need to stop trying to replace Joe Biden this close to the election. MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner also joins the podcast to talk about all the Trumpworld co-stars currently in jail or on trial.
  • 430. Stop Inviting Trump Toadies Like Kellyanne Conway on Cable News Shows

    Kellyanne Conway’s Fox News appearance over the weekend angered TheNew Abnormal co-hosts Andy Levy and Danielle Moodie greatly. Then, Stasha Rhodes, theexecutive director of United for Democracy, joins the program to discuss the push tocounter a well-funded, far-right influence campaign on the Supreme Court. Plus! Aconversation with New Republic staff writer and author Melissa Gira Grant aboutconservative efforts to ban the abortion drug Mifepristone.
  • Trump Reveals the Biggest Threat Facing the U.S.

    The former president downplayed the threat of climate change, falsely claiming that the seas will rise over the next 400 years by just “one eighth of an inch.” Plus! ! Author Alan Gratz, who wrote the children’s book Ban This Book, talks to Andy Levy about a campaign by Moms for Liberty and Ron DeSantis employees to take that title literally and ban his book.
  • 429. The Most Surprising Thing About SCOTUS’ Abortion Pill Ruling

    This week on The New Abnormal, hosts Danielle Moodie and Andy Levy look at the Supreme Court’s abortion pill ruling in more detail. Plus! Jason Starr, Director Of Litigation at the Human Rights Campaign, details a Florida judge’s ruling striking down one the state’s harsh transgender law. Then, Egyptian filmmaker Ibrahim Nash’at talks about his journey filming the Taliban over the course of a year for his film, “Hollywoodgate.”
  • 428. This Lawsuit Could Roll Back 50 Years of Progress for Women and People of Color

    Atlanta-based civil rights attorney Kianna Chennault joins The New Abnormal to discuss the importance of fighting for diversity initiatives in the face of far-right pushback. Plus! A conversation with The New York Times’ global economy reporter Peter Goodman about his new book, “How the World Ran Out of Everything,” which unpacks the COVID-era global supply chain crisis that clogged the global economy for months on end.
  • MAGA’s Scared Senseless That Hunter Biden Will Be Acquitted

    Right-wing pundits are already worried that Hunter Biden will beat a conviction in his gun trial, and they’re resorting to the same old tricks to rile up supporters. Plus! Danielle Moodie talks to Deepa Iyer, creator of the Social Change Map and author of the book, Social Change Now: A Guide for Reflection and Connection.
  • 427. There's Some Weird Sh*t Going On With Trump's VP List

    This week on The New Abnormal, hosts Danielle Moodie and Andy Levy react to the surprising names being asked to submit paperwork for Trump’s VP list. Plus! The CEO of the Ms. Foundation for women, Teresa Younger, joins the show to talk about her organization's efforts to empower women to achieve equality, equity, and opportunity. Then, filmmaker and professor at Loyola University, Stephen Ujlaki, spills about his latest documentary, “Bad Faith.”
  • 426. Is Biden the White Moderate MLK Jr. Warned Us About?

    Academic and author Eddie Glaude Jr. joins The New Abnormal, discussingwhether President Joe Biden is acting like the white moderate Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of.Plus! A conversation with Vicky Hausman, the co-founder of an organization called Forward Majority, about the need for Democrats to reclaim state legislatures across the country after decades of neglect in the party’s state apparatuses.