The New Abnormal


Capitol Police Officers Could Be the Key to Nailing Trump

Season 1, Ep. 296

It might take a little while longer (it’s already taking a while), but, according to Daily Beast investigations reporter Jose Pagliery on this episode of The New Abnormal podcast, we may be moving closer to former President Trump being held accountable for inciting the Jan. 6 riots. He tells co-host Danielle Moodie why he thinks so along with an explanation of the civil suits against the former president that may also get him indicted. Plus! The Bulwark’s Tim Miller tells co-host Andy Levy what it was like to attend CPAC, in person, what he thought was the most “chilling” part of Trump’s “deranged” speech during the event, and theorizes the likely reason Ron DeSantis avoided Trump and CPAC altogether.

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