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#1 - 1100HP Lucid Driven; Isle of Man TT, Our Man Still in Hospital

J drove some new cars on the Western Automotive Journalists annual test day, #waj, #wajmedia days, #wajmediadays22. Thanks to everyone at the manufacturers, #waj and Page One Automotive for sorting that out. Discussed are:

BMW M4 Competition Convertible

The new BMW grill with giant kidneys (altho J calls it a Mercedes grill…)

BMW I50 M4; range anxiety, and the city car According To J

Electra Meccanica Solo

Lucid; the drive; meeting the design team

Toyota Tundra Capstone; looks like a Lexus drives like a Hellcat; Americans and their trucks

Ford Maverick; 21st Century Model T?

Not driven, but also discussed is the new Nissan Z car - M has driven his 350Z 170k and crashed a 370Z; comparison with Mustangs.

Fleet news: M is considering buying a BMW M2 to replace his Renault Megane RS265; the importance of independent specialist mechanics if you’re running second-hand premium cars.

J compares V twin sportsbikes, a BMW 1150R, and his most recent acquisition, a Ducati 900 SS/CR and the value of an “Italian Tune Up”.

The Isle of Man TT, the deaths, the ethics, and the guy we sponsored, Mike Booth, being seriously injured.

Nurburgring and Spa track days remembered.

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