The Motoring Historian


#3 Pebble Prattling and BMW M2 in the Pyranees

Season 1, Ep. 3

Pebble Beach ‘22

  • J sees the start of the Tour d’elegance
  • Phil Hill, Formula 1 World Champion
  • J meets Derek Hill, his son
  • A late night dice
  • Exotics at Pebble and a convoy of McLarens
  • The ex-Shelby Ferrari 410

Gooding at Pebble Beach ‘22

Lamborghini 400 GT, Ruf Porsches, Collecting Indy cars vs. Gullwing Mercedes

J’s Collecting Philosophy

Suzuki GSX-Rs and the Democratization of Performance

Musings on car design

Audi in Formula 1?

Lucid design revisited from #1

Electric car headlights as brand identity

Maserati 3200 and boomerang lights

M reviews his BMW M2 after 2000 miles in the Pyranees

In praise of the Fiesta ST

2002 AMG E55 vs. 2022 AMG GT53

Kawasaki H2; Bimotore Tesi

Countach attains classic status

With Interuptions from Mrs Motoring Historian

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