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Season 1, Ep. 11

US comedy legend Dane Cook joins me on the podcast this week to discuss finding resilience and joy in the toughest times imaginable. This truly is an episode that you don't want to miss!

As a stand-up comic, Dane Cook was the second comedian ever (after Steve Martin) to sell out multiple dates at Madison Square Gardens. He has produced double platinum comedy albums, has starred in blockbuster movies alongside the likes of Kevin Costner, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and Steve Carell and has a powerful personal story of family betrayal, loss, professional criticism and learning to rise above it all.

Dane’s story is an incredible one as just at the height of his record-breaking fame and success he lost both his parents and had to face the reality that his manager brother had stolen all his money, over 12 million dollars, leaving him emotionally broken and financially devastated. He later had to make the impossible decision to send his formerly beloved brother to jail.

Would he have the ability to trust anyone around him again? And how would he find the strength amongst the grief and betrayal to get back on stage to earn back his missing millions?

In this episode Dane shares the lessons and mindset he picked up through life to help him get through some dark times and find real joy and contentment in a career that has spanned four decades.

Visit for tickets to see Dane live on his Fresh New Flavor tour with @livenationcomedy!

And imagine ringing your psychotherapist to ask permission to have an affair?! Well, zooming in on the challenging world of romantic betrayal and complex family dynamics, is the star of the hit TV show Raised by the Village, psychotherapist Richard Hogan, who’ll be helping us to find resilience after family fall-out and illicit affairs.

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  • 12. Does Gratitude Really Work? With Angela Scanlon

    What?? Our last episode of the season?? I can’t believe we’ve reached episode 12 already! I have had so much fun making this podcast and sharing it all with you. I’ve learned tonnes and hope you have too. Before I tell you about our fabulous guests this week, I have to let you in on my latest and greatest news!Dermot Whelan Live – The Busy and Wrecked Tour is coming to a theatre near you! Tickets go on sale from Friday 24th May so check out for all the details and I can’t wait to get back out on the road and meet you all. The show will be a mix of comedy, craic, meditation & inspiration and hopefully an evening where you can relax, have a laugh and pick up some useful and fun tools too. If you’ve been feeling wound up, worn down, snowed under or bowled over this is the show for you so grab your stressed-out besties and your bedraggled partners, and join me as I travel all over Ireland and beyond and we’ll un-wreck our heads and destress our lives together. Incidentally, I love to see teenagers at my shows too - you just have to be over 14. And if you missed my last tour Mind Full then you’re in luck because you can catch it again in November! I’ll be doing two special shows, one at the Púca Festival in Trim, County Meath and also at the gorgeous new Lark Concert Hall in Balbriggan, Dublin. Tickets for those also go on sale next Friday 24th May so grab them while you can! You can also find me at Electric Picnic on Aug 17th too!Back to The Mind Full Podcast and in this brand-new episode we ask the question ‘Does Gratitude Really Work?’We hear a lot about gratitude these days. Catchy slogans like “Attitude of Gratitude” are plastered over mugs, tea towels and t-shirts the world over. But is there real science behind it and, if so,  just what is the correct way to practice it so that we see real tangible benefits? Well, one incredible lady who can truly vouch for its effectiveness is this week’s special guest. I am so happy to bring you this wonderful conversation with an amazing lady at the top of her game! Angela Scanlon has recently taken over from Graham Norton at Virgin Radio in the UK presenting her own weekend show, has been a regular face on RTÉ, BBC and Channel 4 TV over the last ten years, appearing in shows like BBC's One Show, Robot Wars, Your Home Made Perfect and Strictly Come Dancing.Heavily involved in fashion from an early age, she has fronted campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton and has written a bestselling book Joyrider - How Gratitude Can Get You the Life You Really Want. And it’s that gratitude we want to zone in on in this episode. Angela speaks to me from her UK home and talks about how insecurity and imposter syndrome had her struggling badly at a time when everyone thought she was living the perfect life. Learn how her finding gratitude shaped how she perceives the world and how her new star role on radio has come just at the right time.But what about the all-important science of gratitude? Well, we have an incredible scientific heavy-hitter to unpack the science stuff and get you set up for real, tangible brain-boosting benefits! Joining me to uncover and explain the fascinating neuroscience of gratitude is medical doctor, psychologist, behavioral neuroscientist and neurotechnology expert Dr. Michael Keane! Nobody knows the brain like Michael and his easy going and accessible approach will be just what you need to unlock the true power of a grateful mindset. What an episode to end the series on!Thank you all SO much for listening! Stay tuned for Season 2 coming real soon and watch out for lots of fun stuff coming over the next weeks and months too!
  • 10. Paths to Wisdom with Deirdre O'Kane

    This week, I sit down with a woman who is enjoying the most beautiful phase of success and fulfillment. Deirdre O’Kane is packing out comedy theaters across the country, has lit up your TV screens across the UK and Ireland in shows like Last One Laughing, Paths to Freedom, Moone Boy, Gogglebox and Dancing with the Stars and she joined me this week to discuss Paths to Wisdom.As an actor, Deirdre scooped an IFTA for her performance in the powerful film Noble and is the driving force behind Comic Relief Ireland. The beautiful thing about this podcast is that we often get to go places with our guests that maybe they rarely get a chance to explore and this episode is definitely one of those occasions. It’s a fascinating, warm and really inspiring discussion and I can’t wait for you to hear it.It’s fair to say, we see a side to Deirdre you don’t often see in this conversation as she takes us on a journey through dealing with the life-threatening illness of her husband, the gift of performance, finding a new confidence and energy after raising children and the spiritual tools she has used to bring the colour out in everything she does.If you wanna catch Deirdre on stage you’re in luck! Her new comedy tour “O’Kaning it” has just kicked off so go book your tickets, they’re going fast!
  • 9. Making It Happen with Greg O'Shea

    **Firstly, I have more big news about The Mind Full Podcast Live! If you missed out on getting tickets for our live show at the Sugar Club June 14th then stay tuned to the end of this episode because we have some major news that could have you smiling like a maniac!** Is there anything in your life right now that you wanted to see happen but it hasn’t quite worked out that way? Is there a work goal, a relationship goal, a financial goal or something in your life that you had hoped would unfold but it didn’t  - or certainly not the way you’d imagined? This episode is about showing you, without judgment, the reasons why maybe you didn’t see that goal materialize. This week, I’m joined by a man who has made discipline and determination his career. Greg O’Shea is an Olympian, has also represented his country in athletics and in 2019 he won Love Island UK. After the show, he found himself struggling mentally as he turned away from fame and found himself facing retirement from the sport he had dedicated his life to. Now an iron man competitor, instructor and healthy living entrepreneur with his fitness training app ‘Bettr with Greg O’Shea’ and a successful TV presenter, Greg shares his insights about the true life-changing power of exercise and how your own path is the only one worth following. To also help us find that sweet spot between motivation and high-fiving our successes is my incredible technical guest this week, multi award-winning brainhacker and mental illusionist Keith Barry. Keith’s incredible skills and psychological understanding of how we behave has earned him some serious accolades. He has Featured on over 40 international TV shows and networks including many times on The Ellen Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, MTV, Discovery Channel, CBS and many others - including his own TV Special ‘The Keith Barry Experience’ here in Ireland. Keith was the Consultant on 2 Hollywood Blockbusters and his all-time Top 25 Ted Talk has amassed over 25 million views on the Ted website alone. As always, we also have our weekly guided meditation and I read out some listener correspondence. So sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • 8. Exploring Anxiety with Caroline Foran

    Do you ever feel anxious? Is anxiety something that affects your life? How do we know if we are suffering from actual anxiety or just going through a tough time? According to a survey last year by Irish charity, Aware, 4 out of 5 of us have experienced anxiety at some point. Is it us or is the world just too much to handle these days?This week, I have two incredible guests for you to open your eyes and mind about anxiety and give you real life advice and tips to help you feel calmer, stronger and more confident.First up is TV star Dr. Eddie Murphy! Eddie has graced your screens as one of the superhero advisors on hit TV show Operation Transformation. A Clinical Psychologist and best-selling author of Becoming Your Real Self, Eddie explains just why we can all feel so worried and overloaded sometimes and what to do if it’s getting too much.A woman who knows all about living with anxiety and forging an incredible new path is another best-selling author and superstar host of Owning It – The Anxiety Podcast, Caroline Foran! Caroline tells her own unique story so well and has learned from real, challenging life experience just how to navigate and treat anxiety when it has you knocked down.I also have an anxiety-busting One Minute Meditation for any time you’re feeling like stress has gotten the better of you and you need an instant uplift of calm.If you or anyone you know is living with anxiety and is struggling to find the joy in life, then don’t miss this powerful episode. It could make all the difference.
  • 7. The Silent Power of Meditation with Davidji

    **Listen to this episode to hear how you could be joining me for a very special evening at the Sugar Club Dublin June 14th!**This week, I am joined by one of America’s top meditation teachers, Davidji. This is a man who counts pop superstar Ariana Grande amongst his students as well as me! Davidji’s guided meditations reach millions of people every day and his incredible work sees him in high demand with everyone from the world’s top CEOs to Navy Seals.I want this episode to be your springboard to a calm mind. Here, I take you through the basics of meditation, what it does and the science of why meditation works - including how it can change the shape of your brain and therefore transform your life!Get ready to hear an amazing story of transformation and growth that all began with a life-changing encounter with a homeless man in Manhattan. Known as “the velvet voice of stillness”, Davidji is a globally recognised mindbody health & wellness expert as well as a mindful performance trainer, a certified Vedic Master & author of incredible books like ‘Sacred Powers’, Amazon’s best-seller ‘Destressiffying’ and ‘Secrets of Meditation’ (winner of the Nautilus Book Award).And at the end of this chat you’ll get a very special guest guided meditation from Davidji that’s a powerful gift just for you! So, get ready for real change and to learn the techniques and tips that have transformed millions around the world.
  • 6. The Power of Self-Awareness with Ryan Hennessy of Picture This

    Self-awareness is power. It has the power to change things that we think are written in stone. It can shine a light on our behaviour and remove the self-judgement that holds us back, which stops us from appreciating and enjoying all that life has to offer. The great news is – it’s not hard to find! Sometimes one conscious breath can be enough to tune us in to ourselves and snap out of the busyness inside our heads.This week’s guest, Ryan Hennessy, is the front man for Irish music sensation Picture This. They have had two number one albums, have gained over 450 million total streams and are selling out stadiums including a five-night stand at Dublin’s 3Arena, with more to come later this year. They’ve also headlined Electric Picnic’s Main Stage twice and sold out their European tour in 20 minutes. They have a brand new album launching April 26 called Parked Car Conversations. Ryan has also produced a book of poetry called Syncopated Blue and is one of the most interesting, humble and authentic fellas I’ve ever met. In this discussion we explore things like:What is self-awareness?What happens if we’re not self-aware?How can it help us deal with criticism?Can self-awareness help us stop beating ourselves up?What exercises can I do to feel a bit more excited by life?I’ll also share with you my experience of gaining self-awareness through meditation and guide you through some simple steps to cultivate it in your life.We’ve also got a special longer guided meditation to get you started on the path to feeling more tuned in and up for the craic!
  • 5. The Power of Creativity with Doireann Garrihy

    This week, we explore The Power of Creativity! One of the main reasons our heads can be so wrecked is that we take ourselves so seriously these days! If we can make a little bit more time to be creative, whatever form that takes, we can unlock our wellbeing, lower our stress and boost our happiness.A woman who takes not being serious very seriously is our next wonderful guest on the series - broadcaster and award-winning podcaster Doireann Garrihy. Doireann wakes you up at the crack of dawn with her sketches, incredible impressions and on-air banter on RTÉ 2fm, she celebrates laughter on her award winning podcasts The Laughs of Your Life  & Doireann and Friends as well as outshining the stars on RTÉ TV’s Dancing with the Stars. I sat down with Doireann to talk about how true love can nurture true creativity, how family can keep that creative fire lit and how her fiancée’s addiction reminds her of the things that matter.I also have a fascinating conversation with chartered psychologist, author, columnist and an all-round delight Allison Keating. Allison is well known for her Ask Allison columns in the Irish Independent and is the author of The Secret Lives of Adults and a brand-new book called It’s All Too Much, out next September. From asking ‘is everyone creative?’ to ‘how can we reconnect with our creativity if we’re too serious these days? and more, we do a deep dive on creativity in this fascinating conversation.As always I answer some listener questions and give your weekly One Minute Meditation.
  • 4. The Art of Connection with The 2 Johnnies

    To unlock the magic of connection this week, I am joined by Ireland’s favourite musicians, podcasters, comedians, authors, TV and radio stars – The 2 Johnnies. This talented duo never ceases to amaze me. From their humble beginnings publishing relatable Irish small-town life sketches and self-released music videos on social media, the pair have gone on to produce Ireland’s No.1 podcast, “The 2 Johnnies Podcast”, release not one or two but ten No.1 Irish singles, and gone international by bringing their live podcast shows to four continents around the world as well as producing multiple TV shows for RTÉ.So many of us tend to see reaching out for help or opening up as a last resort, like it’s some sort of “break glass in case of emergency” situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s exactly what we dive into in this episode.Johnny B and Johnny Smacks are not just hilarious entertainers known for their wit, humour, and authenticity – they’re genuine, down-to-earth guys who bring a unique perspective to the table. From the highs and lows of male friendships to finding humour in life’s ups and downs, we cover it all. This episode is packed with laughter, wisdom, and a few surprises along the way.But that’s not all – we’re also joined by Clinical Hypnotherapist and best-selling author, Fiona Brennan. Fiona sharing her wisdom and insight is the cherry on top. Together, we explore the art of self-connection and why it’s so damn important for our relationships with others.