The Mind Beauty Soul Podcast

Hello & welcome to the mind beauty soul podcast. This is a podcast exploring all things healing for the mind, beauty, and soul for those ready to live their dream. My intention is to gift listeners with many solutions on healing, holistic living, and inner/outer beauty, with a stylistic flair.

I'm the host, Crystal Moore offering 20 years experience in the beauty industry transitioning my career into serving as a metaphysical life and meditation coach after my spiritual awakening.

I created this podcast to deepen my own healing. I will be activating my throat chakra by expressing my truth is a way that serves my community in a loving and creative way. I feel that speaking my truth in this way will allow others to feel safe in their truth. I also intend to extend many topics on healing the mind, beauty, and soul.

Are you an old soul on a mission for something more? Are you at a point where you're willing to try anything to be happy, spiritually fulfilled, loved, and and be loving? If the answer is yes, then this is your podcast! Get ready to find your way back home within yourself!

Much love always,