The Milestone Pursuit


Rambly Ranting amid some sunny speedwork

Season 1, Ep. 80

Hi - with world records being broken, people not being sure how to react to stuff, it is time for a bit of a rant and some observations about life in June 2021.

Oh, and with this hot weather, it is also a great time to do a nice speed session complete with some chats with the groundsman - lovely bloke. The session is 3 x 2k off 4 mins rest, and in each 2k we alternate between 400m at 5k pace, and 400m steady. I am using a grass track at Roding Valley Rec but you dont have to use a track, you can just follow my timings and effort levels.

Warm-up, post rant starts at 25 minutes

Main session starts at 31 minutes

Hope you enjoy it


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