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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Nicky Campbell OBE

Season 7, Ep. 56

TW: This episode contains references to child sexual abuse, and discussions about suicide.

Gabby is joined by one of the great voices of our time; radio and television broadcaster, Nicky Campbell. They discuss Nicky’s professional versatility and esteemed career; his midlife diagnosis of ADHD; his great love of animals and how his beloved dog, Maxwell, helped him through a mental breakdown; his antics on The Masked Singer and why sometimes you need to do something purely for the fun of it. Nicky also talks about the moment he realised that the sexual abuse he and his classmates had suffered when they were at school was publicly known, and he had to confront what had happened to him in his childhood. Nicky decided to use his professional platform to help others do the same, and was inundated with calls and emails from survivors; some middle aged men had never told a soul about what had happened to them prior to speaking with Nicky. He speaks about how challenging that was at times, but also how galvanising survivors to seek justice and representing them at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, is a great source of pride for him. They also speak to Simon Gunning - CEO of suicide prevention charity, CALM - about how talking openly about suicide as a human behaviour might actually help prevent it. 

You can find Nicky’s podcast Different here, and the episode of The Spark which Simon refers to (featuring Rory O’Connor), here

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  • 8. Jason Fox

    Former SBS Sergeant turned TV presenter and author, Jason Fox, joins Gabby on the podcast this week. Jason speaks at length about how being diagnosed with PTSD and medically discharged from the military sparked a chain of events which led to thoughts of suicide. He explains how being honest with himself and owning his mistakes on the brink of midlife was the first step towards getting well again, and how it took several attempts for him to find the right help. Jason speaks about all he’s learned and how he’s connected with - as he describes it - his inner hippy! You can find out more about the charity Foxy co-founded here, and his latest book Embrace The Chaos: 52 Tactics to Make Every Day Count is available now.
  • 7. Adele Roberts

    DJ, presenter, and Guinness World Records holder, Adele Roberts, chats to Gabby this week about how a midlife bowel cancer diagnosis has completely changed her outlook on life, and crucially, her relationship with herself. Adele shares some of the realities of living with a stoma (also known as ‘naughty Audrey’); how she coped with the brutality of chemotherapy; as well as why movement was medicine for her long before her cancer diagnosis and why it’s important to start small but dream big. She also discusses the importance of representation; how she’s battled social anxiety throughout her career; as well as her relationship with her long term partner, Kate. Her book Personal Best is available now.
  • 6. Gabrielle

    Popstar Gabrielle joins Gabby to talk about why she’s living her best life in her fifties! They discuss all the learnings that have come with age, including better boundaries, emotional resilience, and knowing how to strike a better balance in life. Gabrielle also talks about how music was always her friend growing up; how she managed the demands of touring with the symptoms of the menopause; and why being a grandma is bringing her so much joy right now. Gabrielle’s new album A Place In Your Heart is available now, and you can grab tickets for her tour here. 
  • 5. Dr Chris van Tulleken on Ultra-Processed Food

    This week Gabby is joined by Dr Chris van Tulleken, author of Ultra-Processed People: Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food … and Why Can’t We Stop? Poor diet has overtaken tobacco as the leading cause of early death, and so they discuss what ultra-processed food is and how we can easily identify it, how it has been designed to keep us eating it, and why we should always look beyond health claims on packaging. Chris also shares why it's not his intention to tell people what to eat, but rather it is his mission is to expose the food industry for what it is, and take away some of the shame and stigma around what we eat and what we are feeding our families.
  • 4. Konnie Huq

    Former Blue Peter presenter turned children's author Konnie Huq chats to Gabby this week about a wide range of topics, including why she feels modern life is getting more and more absurd by the minute, how she wrestled with stereotyping in her younger years and ended up presenting TV before she had finished school, and why she thinks middle aged women rock! Konnie also explains why she is happy being an analogue person in a digital world, how her early experiences filming for Comic Relief informed her outlook on life, and why we might all benefit from being a little more patient and having slightly lower expectations. Despite declaring that she is not a podcast person, Konnie’s honesty cuts through the noise and will have many of you nodding in agreement!
  • 3. Richard Hammond

    Richard Hammond joins Gabby this week to talk about the “pale stale male” and what he’s doing to avoid becoming one! The former Top Gear presenter warns of the dangers of living in an echo chamber when you get to this stage of life, and why he’s hoping his new podcast (Who We Are Now) might contribute to more mentally healthy middle aged men. They also discuss whether his approach to risk has changed following two serious car accidents, one of which resulted in a brain injury and left him in a coma. Richard also shares his thoughts on the importance of male friendships; how exercise becomes an act of self care as you get older; and why there will always be a need for a show like Top Gear. Also, listen out for Richard’s confession: which new pointless midlife hobby he is really enjoying?
  • 2. Gabby & Kenny - Travel Special

    This is a special episode in partnership with British Airways.Gabby and Kenny Logan reminisce about the memorable trips they’ve taken over the course of their lives, from Kenny’s first long haul flight when he was initially selected to play rugby for Scotland, to Gabby’s trip to the Commonwealth Games as a 16 year old athlete; from an unforgettable break to Bali where they fully recharged, to and trips with their young children to Japan and South Africa which changed their perspectives on the world. They discuss how their approach to travel has changed over the years - Kenny no longer takes pride in arriving as close as he can to check-in closing, and Gabby is trying to slow down and enjoy the airport experience more. As well as the travel opportunities that have been unlocked now they are in midlife. Some travel experiences change you forever and stay with you long after you’ve touched down on home soil - even embarrassing moments that you might rather forget, as Gabby explains! So the Logan’s also give their top tips for making the most of your next trip.
  • 1. Laura Smyth

    We are starting a new era of the podcast as we mean to go on, with a brilliant guest who epitomises all the things we celebrate on this show. Laura Smyth decided to radically change her life at the midpoint, leaving her dependable job as a teacher for the uncertain world of stand up comedy. But just as she was getting into her stride, Laura was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She talks to Gabby about all she has learned from that experience, including how she dragged herself out of a pit of despair and resentment by learning to love herself fully and throwing herself unabashedly down what she describes as a wellness rabbithole. Laura also speaks about learning that stress is a sign to rest, and why she doesn’t feel bad about saying no to things anymore. Laura’s story proves that it’s never too late to build the life you want, but also that things don’t always go to plan, so don’t wait until you’re facing death to really start living. You can catch her on tour in 2024 - grab your tickets here.
  • 61. Rachel Burden

    Journalist, broadcaster, and one half of the 5 Live Breakfast presenting team, Rachel Burden, joins Gabby on the podcast this week. Rachel talks about how years of very early wake up calls have taught her not to get too paranoid about the amount of sleep she gets, instead looking at the bigger picture and the positive effects of being stimulated and nourished by a job you love. As a working mum of four, Rachel also discusses making life decisions as a family unit, striving to have the things you want in life rather than trying to have it all, and how her youngest child’s premature birth proved just how little we can actually control in life. Rachel also talks about the joy of taking up walking football in midlife, and her new project - Cafe Hope - which she’s hoping will provide some relief from the daily news cycle. Dr Danny Penman also joins to speak about his experience using meditation as pain relief after a serious paragliding accident, and how taking time out for meditation can actually save you time in the long run. His new book Deeper Mindfulness: The New Way to Rediscover Calm in a Chaotic World is available now.