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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Lee Mack

Season 7, Ep. 34

Gabby’s guest this week is a comedian, writer, and TV presenter, and he’s also turning the midlife crisis on its head! For Lee Mack, the midlife crisis is more like the midlife question mark: a time when you question some of the ways you’ve been told to live. Lee shares why things like meditation, veganism, and sobriety, have become increasingly important to him at the midpoint, as well as why he loves time off more and more but would trade it all for a shot at playing football for FC Barcelona! Entrepreneur and behaviour change coach, Andy Ramage, also joins to talk about how he is helping people who want to take a break from drinking alcohol. 

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  • 55. Emma Hayes OBE

    On the cusp of taking on arguably the biggest job in women’s sport, six-time Women's Super League winning football manager, Emma Hayes, joins Gabby on the podcast this week. As well as revealing the relentlessness of life as a top coach, Emma speaks candidly about her struggle with Endometriosis; what it was like entering sudden menopause after having an emergency hysterectomy; the ecstasy and agony of making a huge life decision whilst in the fog of grief after losing her beloved father; how fighting for others can sometimes feel more natural than fighting for oneself, and that scheduling meetings with yourself might actually be the best form of selfcare! Menopause fitness coach and author of Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger in 30 Days, Kate Rowe-Ham, also joins to talk about the kinds of exercise that could help women navigate midlife.  TW: This episode does contain references to miscarriage.
  • 54. Krishnan Guru-Murthy

    Hot off the Strictly Come Dancing tour and straight from presenting a live news bulletin, Gabby is joined today by Krishnan Guru-Murthy! Krishnan is a longstanding presenter of Channel 4 News and has reported from all over the world in the 26 years that he’s been part of the team, but it’s not his distinguished career that the two discuss at length today. Krish shares what Strictly gave him in terms of unbottling his fun side and reconnecting with frivolous fun in his fifties, and how the last year has seen him take back control and refuse to give up on his health. Dr Emily Porter, specialist dietician at The Gut Health Clinic, also joins to shed more light on ways you can improve your gut health by thinking about both the contents and timings of your meals, and how a pre-diabetic or T2 diabetes diagnosis does not mean you lose all agency over your blood sugar levels.
  • 53. Louise Boyce (Mama Still Got It)

    TW: This episode contains references to eating disorders. Model, content creator, and author, Louise Boyce aka Mama Still Got It, is stopping by Gabby’s podcast room this week. Louise shares her experiences as a very young model in the 90’s; how she healed her relationship with her body after suffering from bulimia; re-entered the industry as a ‘plus size model’ (at a healthy size 14) and made a successful career out of it. She explains how that journey has led her to where she is now: a middle-aged social media star, who makes thousands of people laugh with her videos depicting the mundane - and often challenging - aspects of motherhood. Stylist and founder of Green Edit, Charlotte Handley Green, is also on the podcast to talk about fashion and styling in midlife. She speaks about the importance of streamlining your wardrobe and building up ‘staples’ and ‘showstoppers'; how style is ageless and we should only be concerned with how our clothes make us feel - as well as the importance of good underwear!
  • 52. Kelly Hoppen CBE

    The Queen of Taupe joins Gabby on the podcast this week! Interior designer and entrepreneur, Kelly Hoppen CBE, shares some easy wins when it comes to refreshing your home interiors, as well as the secret to remaining energised and passionate about your work even when you’ve been doing it for five decades. Kelly shares why she doesn’t think she’ll ever retire, the morning routine that sustains her, finding love after divorce, and why age is irrelevant when it comes to beauty. As Gabby steps up her half marathon training and as part of her ongoing partnership with Runna, Olympic marathon runner and coach, Steph Davis, is also here to share her top tips for anyone thinking of getting into or returning to running in midlife.
  • 51. Rosie Nixon

    Former Editor-in-Chief of HELLO! magazine, and now creative consultant, coach, author, and podcast host, Rosie Nixon, drops by Gabby’s podcast room for a chat this week. From the outside, Rosie seemed to have it all in midlife; the job, the family, the glamorous lifestyle. But on the inside things felt very different, and although she loved her job, she was edging closer and closer to burnout. Rosie hit a breaking point and decided that she needed to make some radical changes; she wanted to enter her fifties on her terms. Rosie tells Gabby all that she’s come to realise through this process, including reassessing her values and redefining what success means to her at this stage of her life. They also speak with psychodynamic psychotherapist, Isobel Williams, about how it's never too late to make a little space for yourself and explore how talking therapy can be helpful at any age.
  • 50. Stephanie Romiszewski on Sleep

    For some, sleeping is as easy as closing your eyes, for others, it’s a nightly struggle. The cornerstone of good health can be frustratingly elusive, particularly in midlife, so we thought it was time to speak with an expert on all things the land of nod! Sleep Physiologist and the Chief Medical Officer of re-sleep, Stephanie Romiszewski, has some no-nonsense advice to share, based on scientific research and her years of clinical experience, including delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi). You might be surprised to learn that bedtimes are out, and get up times are in; sleep aids and nighttime routines can sometimes increase sleep anxiety and actually keep you awake; changing your expectations of sleep might be key to making sleeping easier; and couples who sleep in separate beds might have had it right all along!
  • 49. Emma Barnett

    TW: There are references to fertility treatment and miscarriage in this episode, so please take care whilst listening.Journalist and broadcaster, Emma Barnett, is on the precipice of midlife, and so she joins Gabby this week to talk about how she feels about this next stage of life. Emma also sheds light on what it's like living with endometriosis - a condition which, as yet, has no cure - as well as what it’s like hosting Woman’s Hour, one of BBC Radio 4’s flagship shows; her journey through fertility treatment and why she felt compelled to share the realities of it; as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have had similar experiences to you when you’re going through challenging or traumatic times. Dr Nighat Arif, a GP specialising in women’s health, also joins to talk about thyroid health and why women may see their thyroid function change as they age. Dr Arif’s book, The Knowledge, is out now.
  • 48. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    Singer songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor is Gabby’s guest this week! Gabby chats to her about being a working mum to five boys and what it’s like when your eldest is leaving home the same week that your youngest is starting school; how her legendary Kitchen Discos came about; hearing the voice of her inner critic less as she ages and the liberation this brings; and her ‘rate your childhood’ survey that you won’t be able to stop thinking about! Zoologist and author of Bitch, Lucy Cooke, also joins to talk about how sex and heteronormative bias have been present in the scientific study of animals since Darwin’s day, and have influenced the way we see the females of all sorts of species – including our own. Listen on to hear how Orcas recognised the power of post-menopausal women before humans did! 
  • 47. Gary & Emma Neville

    Today is a first for the podcast: it’s the first time our celebrity guest and our expert guest are a married couple, recording from the same house. Gary Neville is known for his glittering football career playing for Manchester United and England, while his wife, Emma, is a counsellor and Menopause Coach with her own online platform This Is Me. The couple chat to Gabby about everything from dealing with teenagers who find you painfully embarrassing, to Gary’s emotional attachment to oven chips. They both share their perspective on Emma’s early menopause, and discuss the many quirks of the Neville family – a modern day sporting dynasty!