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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Emma Barnett

Season 7, Ep. 49

TW: There are references to fertility treatment and miscarriage in this episode, so please take care whilst listening.

Journalist and broadcaster, Emma Barnett, is on the precipice of midlife, and so she joins Gabby this week to talk about how she feels about this next stage of life. Emma also sheds light on what it's like living with endometriosis - a condition which, as yet, has no cure - as well as what it’s like hosting Woman’s Hour, one of BBC Radio 4’s flagship shows; her journey through fertility treatment and why she felt compelled to share the realities of it; as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with people who have had similar experiences to you when you’re going through challenging or traumatic times. Dr Nighat Arif, a GP specialising in women’s health, also joins to talk about thyroid health and why women may see their thyroid function change as they age. Dr Arif’s book, The Knowledge, is out now.

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  • 61. Rachel Burden

    Journalist, broadcaster, and one half of the 5 Live Breakfast presenting team, Rachel Burden, joins Gabby on the podcast this week. Rachel talks about how years of very early wake up calls have taught her not to get too paranoid about the amount of sleep she gets, instead looking at the bigger picture and the positive effects of being stimulated and nourished by a job you love. As a working mum of four, Rachel also discusses making life decisions as a family unit, striving to have the things you want in life rather than trying to have it all, and how her youngest child’s premature birth proved just how little we can actually control in life. Rachel also talks about the joy of taking up walking football in midlife, and her new project - Cafe Hope - which she’s hoping will provide some relief from the daily news cycle. Dr Danny Penman also joins to speak about his experience using meditation as pain relief after a serious paragliding accident, and how taking time out for meditation can actually save you time in the long run. His new book Deeper Mindfulness: The New Way to Rediscover Calm in a Chaotic World is available now. 
  • 60. Dr Jen Gunter on Menopause

    Gynaecologist and bestselling author Dr Jen Gunter is our special expert guest this week! Dr Gunter is here to shed some light on what is happening to the body when it goes through the menopause transition. Jen also takes your questions on everything from brain fog to weight gain and supplements to HRT - busting a few myths along the way! Hopefully you’ll feel better informed about what is happening to your body through this time, but also hopeful about what awaits on the other side of the menopause. You can find out more about Dr Gunter’s published works here including The Menopause Manifesto.
  • 59. Helen Glover MBE

    It’s not every week we have a double olympic champion on the podcast, but this week rower Helen Glover is adding a touch of greatness to proceedings. Speaking directly from a training camp in Portugal ahead of what will hopefully be her fourth olympic games, Helen reveals what motivated her to come out of retirement - not once, but twice - and what it’s like juggling motherhood with the demands of being an elite athlete. Helen speaks about the way that her perspective has changed as she’s got older; how going through multiple pregnancies has actually made her feel stronger; and her anxieties about retiring completely from the job she still loves. Author of How To Build A Healthy Brain, Kimberley Wilson, also joins to discuss the relationship between exercise and brain health, and why every time you move your body you give your brain a boost!
  • 58. Matt Baker MBE

    One of the nation’s best loved presenters, Matt Baker, brings his infectious enthusiasm to the podcast this week! By happy accident, this episode is all about midlife pivots and making bold steps towards doing more of the work you love. Listen to hear the unlikely story of how Matt came to be on our screens presenting Blue Peter; how his dyslexia set him up with what he describes as a high tolerance for failure and gave him a sense of fearlessness; how he navigated the role reversal that many of us go through in midlife when our parents begin to need more help and support; and there’s even an old fashioned midlife chat about the thankless task of trying to exercise with a bad back! Head Tutor at The Raymond Blanc Gardening School August Bernstein also joins to talk about making the most of your green spaces, and how you can get started on growing your own vegetables with nothing more than a windowsill. 
  • 57. Jill Douglas MBE

    Jill Douglas MBE has been part of some of the biggest sporting events on television for the last three decades, and this week she joins Gabby to reflect on how this Scottish farmer’s daughter became a self confessed newshound, then somewhat unexpectedly found herself presenting Rugby Special - and hasn’t looked back since! They discuss some of the secrets to longevity in an industry that was obsessed with youth, and how in midlife, Jill is more motivated than ever to keep doing the job she loves. Jill speaks about her longtime friend, former Scottish rugby player Doddie Weir; how his diagnosis of motor neurone disease sharpened her own focus, and the charity they helped build together before his death (My Name’5 Doddie Foundation). MND is most commonly diagnosed in midlife, so Professor of Neurology and Complex Disease Genetics at King’s College London, Ammar Al-Chalabi, also joins to discuss some of the misconceptions about the disease and some advancements that have been made thanks to fundraising in recent years.
  • 56. Nicky Campbell OBE

    TW: This episode contains references to child sexual abuse, and discussions about suicide.Gabby is joined by one of the great voices of our time; radio and television broadcaster, Nicky Campbell. They discuss Nicky’s professional versatility and esteemed career; his midlife diagnosis of ADHD; his great love of animals and how his beloved dog, Maxwell, helped him through a mental breakdown; his antics on The Masked Singer and why sometimes you need to do something purely for the fun of it. Nicky also talks about the moment he realised that the sexual abuse he and his classmates had suffered when they were at school was publicly known, and he had to confront what had happened to him in his childhood. Nicky decided to use his professional platform to help others do the same, and was inundated with calls and emails from survivors; some middle aged men had never told a soul about what had happened to them prior to speaking with Nicky. He speaks about how challenging that was at times, but also how galvanising survivors to seek justice and representing them at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, is a great source of pride for him. They also speak to Simon Gunning - CEO of suicide prevention charity, CALM - about how talking openly about suicide as a human behaviour might actually help prevent it. You can find Nicky’s podcast Different here, and the episode of The Spark which Simon refers to (featuring Rory O’Connor), here. 
  • 55. Emma Hayes OBE

    On the cusp of taking on arguably the biggest job in women’s sport, six-time Women's Super League winning football manager, Emma Hayes, joins Gabby on the podcast this week. As well as revealing the relentlessness of life as a top coach, Emma speaks candidly about her struggle with Endometriosis; what it was like entering sudden menopause after having an emergency hysterectomy; the ecstasy and agony of making a huge life decision whilst in the fog of grief after losing her beloved father; how fighting for others can sometimes feel more natural than fighting for oneself, and that scheduling meetings with yourself might actually be the best form of selfcare! Menopause fitness coach and author of Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger in 30 Days, Kate Rowe-Ham, also joins to talk about the kinds of exercise that could help women navigate midlife.  TW: This episode does contain references to miscarriage.
  • 54. Krishnan Guru-Murthy

    Hot off the Strictly Come Dancing tour and straight from presenting a live news bulletin, Gabby is joined today by Krishnan Guru-Murthy! Krishnan is a longstanding presenter of Channel 4 News and has reported from all over the world in the 26 years that he’s been part of the team, but it’s not his distinguished career that the two discuss at length today. Krish shares what Strictly gave him in terms of unbottling his fun side and reconnecting with frivolous fun in his fifties, and how the last year has seen him take back control and refuse to give up on his health. Dr Emily Porter, specialist dietician at The Gut Health Clinic, also joins to shed more light on ways you can improve your gut health by thinking about both the contents and timings of your meals, and how a pre-diabetic or T2 diabetes diagnosis does not mean you lose all agency over your blood sugar levels.
  • 53. Louise Boyce (Mama Still Got It)

    TW: This episode contains references to eating disorders. Model, content creator, and author, Louise Boyce aka Mama Still Got It, is stopping by Gabby’s podcast room this week. Louise shares her experiences as a very young model in the 90’s; how she healed her relationship with her body after suffering from bulimia; re-entered the industry as a ‘plus size model’ (at a healthy size 14) and made a successful career out of it. She explains how that journey has led her to where she is now: a middle-aged social media star, who makes thousands of people laugh with her videos depicting the mundane - and often challenging - aspects of motherhood. Stylist and founder of Green Edit, Charlotte Handley Green, is also on the podcast to talk about fashion and styling in midlife. She speaks about the importance of streamlining your wardrobe and building up ‘staples’ and ‘showstoppers'; how style is ageless and we should only be concerned with how our clothes make us feel - as well as the importance of good underwear!