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  • "We Can't Be Who We Can't See" with Michele Norris

    Award-winning journalist Michele Norris and Michelle Obama discuss how they push each other in their friendship, challenges in relationships, and the importance of mentorship.
  • Introducing "Your Mama's Kitchen"

    “Tell me about your mama’s kitchen.” That’s the simple request which begins each episode of this new Higher Ground and Audible Original podcast from acclaimed journalist Michele Norris. On the very first episode of Your Mama’s Kitchen, Former First Lady Michelle Obama talks with Michele about her beginnings growing up in a working-class family on the South Side of Chicago and the delicious red rice her mother made that reminds her of home. To listen to more of the show, subscribe to Your Mama’s Kitchen wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • “Our Hair is a Portal into our Souls” with Tracee Ellis Ross

    Michelle and Tracee Ellis Ross discuss their personal style, the power of self-expression, and finding self-worth outside of romantic relationships. (Plus: Sit-downs with Michelle’s personal stylists!)
  • "Barack Is My Home" with Oprah Winfrey

    Michelle and Oprah talk about Michelle’s 50th birthday party on Oprah’s estate, how they foster relationships that last, and why—even after everything that has happened in our country—Michelle still believes in “going high." Find the episode transcript here:
  • "The Friendship Bubble" with Elizabeth Alexander

    Legendary poet and teacher Elizabeth Alexander sits down with Michelle to discuss their 30 years of friendship, how they struggled as young mothers, and crucial support their friend group has given to them at the low points in their lives. Elizabeth also draws the curtain back on what really happens when you go on a retreat to Camp David with the First Lady. Find the episode transcript here:
  • “Excellence Is My Practice” with Gayle King

    Parenting is the focus of this conversation: Gayle opens up about how she approached raising her “favorite daughter” and “favorite son”, and Michelle discusses her fight to keep her daughters normal in the White House. (Spoiler: Driving lessons and dating are pretty tricky.) She also shares stories about watching the girls now that they’re launched and living together.Find the episode transcript here: