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Role of dopamine and serotonin, being vulnerable as a leader, creating psychological safety

Season 1, Ep. 12

I met Caroline back in 2006 at my first job out of university. Fast forward 16 years, it’s been a pleasure to see Caroline pivot from an 18-year career in investment banking to launching her own executive coaching business which uses a neuroscience-based approach to empower confidence in her clients.


00:00:00 Doing versus being, living in the present, the catalyst for change

00:03:45 Role for dopamine in doing and the role of serotonin, and endorphins, for the here and now, applying these chemicals to running a business

00:06:24 How to stay in the now when dopamine can be so easily grasped, role of meditation, science behind three-grateful-breaths

00:12:25 Adopting a science-based approach to coaching, partnering with clients so it makes sense for them

00:14:48 Establishing a contract between coach and client

00:17:00 Vulnerability of courage, showing our emotions, being human to create a connection, empathy in leadership

00:23:48 “Ice-queen” to being vulnerable as a leader, a raw journey to becoming a coach

00:28:30 Suffering equals pain times resistance, the art of letting go

00:32:40 Where confidence comes through, building confidence by giving it a go, confidence between men and women, and other physiological differences

00:43:15 Gender equality is about bringing together the different types of thinking between men and women

00:44:05 Teaching the ‘why’ first to building confidence, working on the entire iceberg to look at your fundamental beliefs, managing your flight versus fight response

01:03:35 Creating psychological safety in an organisation, feeling positive and being yourself, changing the conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion

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