cover art for Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc One)

Me. I Am. A Memoir. The Meaning of 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'

Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc One)

Season 6, Ep. 30

PoshLo and FabLeck return to The Regularverse expecting to enjoy JenReg singing in languages other than English, but they may be in for a surprise. Plus, the latest ProLo moments, which are not that Pro for poor Lo.

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  • 33. Regularverse - This is Me... Now (Disc One)

    PoshLo and FabLeck are back in the Regularverse to endure the 2024 Regular Opus that is This is Me... Now, a sequel to the underwhelming 2002 album This is Me... Then. Have the two intervening decades seen any improvement in Her LoNess? And will there finally be agreement on whether things are ProLo or NoLo?
  • 25. Me. I Am. Mariah's World (Crossing Borders)

    Posh and Fab return to Mariah's World and discover it is mostly Stella's World of Confected Outrage and Tanaka Towel Teasing, but thankfully, they receive some wonderful news during Mimi Moments, despite some troubling diversions to Scissor Town.Listen to the latest from Possible Prince XWatch Hard Quiz and Hard Quiz Kids on iView Listen to Adam Richard Has a Theory and Xena Warrior Commentary on Acast
  • 32. Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc Three)

    An exhausted Poshlo and Fableck wind up another trip to The Regularverse with a collection of Jennifer Lopez songs in Spanish that neither of them particularly love, but they don't entirely hate either, and the unthinkable happens when they're surprised by Pitbull.
  • 31. Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc Two)

    Poshlo and Fableck continue their odyssey through JenReg's Non-English Non-Album, including a visit to the Regular Game of Thrones. 
  • 24. Me. I Am. Mariah's World. (Bone of Contention)

    Posh and Fab return to Mariah's World to find out there is a problem with a baby on a bus.
  • 29. The Regularverse - Marry Me (Disc Three)

    Posh and Fab are very deep in The Regularverse and Fab is claiming to have StockLo syndrome, because while listening to the soundtrack album Marry Me, he's Pro-ing and Posh is No-ing. Has he got Maluma Fever?
  • 28. The Regularverse - Marry Me (Disc Two)

    Stuck in The Regularverse listening to the soundtrack album Marry Me, Poshlo and Fableck are experiencing deja poo as they trawl through part twos, remixes and ballad versions of songs they've already been subjected to.
  • 27. The Regularverse - Marry Me (Disc One)

    Posh and Fab return to the matrimonial disharmony of The Regularverse to examine the soundtrack to the film Marry Me, plus some Pro Lo moments catching up on Jen's self-financed movie, and the making of the movie, which is longer than the movie. Buddha Nature Wisdom. Regular.