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Me. I Am. A Memoir. The Meaning of 'The Meaning of Mariah Carey'

Regularverse - Brave (Disc One)

Season 6, Ep. 15

Poshlo and Fableck return to The Regularverse for the Jennifer Lopez album Brave, which is neither Sade nor Jamiroquai, despite someone's insistence on the contrary. Also, how long does it take a bride to walk down a flight of steps? All this and less in The Regularverse.

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  • 37. Regularverse - This is Me... Now: A Love Story (Part II)

    Poshlo and Fableck continue to mug the Regularverse, and make their way through the baffling experience that is the Amazon Prime movie and JenReg vanity project This is Me... Now: A Love Story.
  • 36. Regularverse - This is Me... Now: A Love Story (Part I) Regularverse - This is Me... Now: A Love Story (Part I)

    Before Poshlo and Fableck undertake the gargantuan effort of watching a very Regular Movie, they catch up on all the shock and scandal going down in the Regularverse, including ticket sales, sauces close to the stars, and a mug of Ben.
  • 26. Me. I Am. Mariah's World (Mimi's Anniversary)

    Posh and Fab experience Mariah's latest musical collaboration, before being plunged back into the problematic workplace that is the Mariah's World alleged reality show.
  • 35. Regularverse - This is Me... Now (Disc Three)

    PoshLo and Fableck reach the end of their time in The Regularverse listening to the albums of JenReg, with the final tracks and summation of their opinions on the album This is Me... Now. Also, more revolting stories inspired by fans. Not fans of the show, but the fans that spin around and blow air. Not just air, it seems.
  • 34. Regularverse - This is Me... Now (Disc Two)

    PoshLo and FabLeck return to The Regularverse to find out if they can cope with 'Dear Ben, Part II,' from the ReguLo album This is Me... Now, a sequel to 'Dear Ben,' an execrable song from the 2002 album This is Me... Then. Also, the story of someone who took OnlyFans a bit too literally.
  • 33. Regularverse - This is Me... Now (Disc One)

    PoshLo and FabLeck are back in the Regularverse to endure the 2024 Regular Opus that is This is Me... Now, a sequel to the underwhelming 2002 album This is Me... Then. Have the two intervening decades seen any improvement in Her LoNess? And will there finally be agreement on whether things are ProLo or NoLo?
  • 25. Me. I Am. Mariah's World (Crossing Borders)

    Posh and Fab return to Mariah's World and discover it is mostly Stella's World of Confected Outrage and Tanaka Towel Teasing, but thankfully, they receive some wonderful news during Mimi Moments, despite some troubling diversions to Scissor Town.Listen to the latest from Possible Prince XWatch Hard Quiz and Hard Quiz Kids on iView Listen to Adam Richard Has a Theory and Xena Warrior Commentary on Acast
  • 32. Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc Three)

    An exhausted Poshlo and Fableck wind up another trip to The Regularverse with a collection of Jennifer Lopez songs in Spanish that neither of them particularly love, but they don't entirely hate either, and the unthinkable happens when they're surprised by Pitbull.
  • 31. Regularverse - Non-English Singles (Disc Two)

    Poshlo and Fableck continue their odyssey through JenReg's Non-English Non-Album, including a visit to the Regular Game of Thrones.