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The Sky is on Fire

Season 2, Ep. 1

Recorded live in The Sky and the Ground on December 6th, 2020 as part of the Live Venue Collective, supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

Special thanks to Johnny & Nuala Barron, Brian Byrne (, Liz Burns, Cian Redmond, Bryan Stacy, Elizabeth Whyte and Valerie Kennedy.

Presented by Michelle Dooley Mahon

Produced by Ted Moran

Venue sound recording by Joe Murphy

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  • 3. Boots

    'Boots' was commissioned as part of the 'Tales from the Quay' anthology, produced by Wexford Arts CentreEdward Llewelyn performs the short story 'Boots', written by Michelle Dooley MahonWritten by Michelle Dooley MahonPerformed by Edward Llewelyn - by Ted MoranVisit for more.
  • 3. the haemorrhaging humorist

    MDM reads one of her short stories written from her experiences on the boats.Presented by Michelle Dooley MahonProduced by Ted MoranVisit for more.
  • 2. The man with the teddybear eyes

    MDM reads one of her short stories from her book "Scourged".Presented by Michelle Dooley MahonProduced by Ted MoranVisit for more.
  • 9. Enigma

    In this episode Michelle speaks about what it took to bring her experience of her mother's death from a self published novel all the way to an award-winning one woman show in New York. This is the story of 'The Scourge' as told be MDM and those who were with her at every step along the way.Featuring contributions by:Diane Biggar Mouchian, Elizabeth Whyte, Ben Barnes, Colin Murphy, Matt Deane, Deirdre Morgan and Kate Shelton.Outro song: Aeroplane by Gordon BarryPresented by Michelle Dooley MahonProduced by Ted MoranVisit for more.
  • 8. Spiked

    In this episode Michelle finally speaks with Jane Milligan -Singer, Actress, Musician and daughter of the hilarious Spike.Featured audio:Excerpts from "I Told You I Was Ill: The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan" - 2005 - Cathy HenkelThe Goons: Unchained Melody - 2007 - The Decca Record Company LimitedFamous Last Words: Spike Milligan - 1986 -  Patti Steeples, Peter FrancePresented by Michelle Dooley MahonProduced by Ted MoranVisit for more.
  • 7. The boi from Ballivor

    In this episode, Michelle talks dented headed korean dolls, styes in her eyes and Mrs Burke's apple tarts.Presented by Michelle Dooley Mahon.-Produced by Ted Moran.-Outro song: Return to sender, Elvis PresleyVisit
  • 6. Alabama

    In this episode, Michelle shares excerpts from her memoir 'Get out Frank', recounting her life-long friendship with the legendary character that was Frank Sinnott.Presented by Michelle Dooley Mahon.Produced by Ted Moran.Intro Poem:Untitled - Frank SinnottOutro Song:Blackbird - The Beatles
  • 5. By the ankle

    In this episode Michelle talks about white lines, white outs and wakes.Presented by Michelle Dooley Mahon.Produced by Ted Moran.Outro Song - Martha Wainwright "BMFA"