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The Mas Cast


Season 3, Ep. 5

Welcome to episode 5 of our stupid podcast!

This time round we are chatting with our mates BAYBOARDS! We talk about our MASSIVE show together at Band On The Wall, their new EP and loads more!!

We sat down with Javan (the drummer) and forced him to play Fact or Fiction & we also made him bring some peculiar recent new headlines because why not?

Listen & enjoy!

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  • 4. THE MAS CAST (EP 4)

    Welcome to episode 4 of The Mas Cast where we're joined by Ady Hall, 1/2 of Sugar House. A very popular recording & producing studio in the North West. We talk tactics, as we all want to know how to create the best possible tune, along with why they work so well with up & coming bands & artists across the country, how they became the infamous Sugar House in the first place and CATS!Also, Tommo treats us to a fine game of 'Fact or Fiction' & Lewis tries to get one over on Ady with 'Guess The Lyric - 80's edition'.Check it out now as we talk secrets of the trade and how you can be the next best song writer!
  • 3. THE MAS CAST (EP 3)

    Welcome to episode 3 or The Mas Cast. This time we talk to our best mate and Manchester's most infamous rocker, Fred Farrel. The front man currently of DR DR & formally of SAYTR PLAY. We talk about what it's like in the music scene these days, the maddest things that have happened to Fred on stage (which will blow your mind and leave him breathless...), the weirdest of current news headlines given to us by Fred, and as always Tomo's 'Fact or Fiction'. Listen & enjoy! Love,Olly, Tommo, Dan & Lew x
  • 2. The Mas Cast (Ep 2)

    Welcome to episode 2 of season 3 of UNO MAS' podcast The Mas Cast!In this episode our guests are Hi Sienna. An indie, synth-pop sensation who happen to be supporting us at Manchester Academy 3 on the 22nd of October!We talk exclusively about their new music that's on the horizon, what that music is called and when it'll be released. We also chat about their shows and how they make them so special! Lewis provides us with some tantalising Craptic Band Names & of course it wouldn't be a true ep of The Mas Cast without Tommo's Fact or Fiction.Also hear an exlusive of our new track 'High' that's out on the 12 of August! Enjoy.
  • 1. The Mas Cast (Ep 1)

    Welcome to season 3 of our podcast. 4 band mates from Manchester, who in the boredom of lockdown created a podcast to talk about their love of music. This very quickly turned into The Mas Cast. A place where Olly, Tom, Dan & Lew could talk to special musical guests about all things music.In this episode we talk to new music hero XS Manchester DJ Jim Salveson in the actual XS Studio! Well it was actually the Smooth FM studio next door!We talk about why he champions new music, what made him become a radio presenter and lots more!Don't panic because we also have some daft games in there too such as the most infamous & longest drawn out feature in The Mas Cast, 'Fact or Fiction' and a brand new game we call 'Dirty Harry'!We also talk about our new single that is around the corner & our Headline gig at Manchester Academy 3 on 22nd of October.Don't miss this episode! Enjoy.
  • 8. The Mas Cast (BONUS EP)

    Due to popular demand we give you a bonus episode of The mas Cast season 2! Olly, Tomo, Dan & Lew sat together on a very hot Saturday afternoon and talked about how this season of our podcast has been! We talk about our favourite moments from the past 6 months and the best quotes our amazing guests have come out with! "Woah woah woah sweet child of mine!" We also bring in a 'Weird News Headline (Discuss Briefly)' each and talk about the strange things happening in the world.There is also tons of exlusive UNO MAS news let out in the episode so make sure you go and listen and be the first to find out what's coming up for us! (Some mega stuff coming)Thanks for listening and see you in season 3!
  • Trailer

    Welcome to The Mas Cast Season 2! Created by Olly, Dan, Lew & Tomo, the 4 members of Manchester indie band UNO MAS, you'll get a great laugh and loads of behind the scenes information from Manchester's most popular musically inclined human beings!Each week we have a new guest and features that you can play along with as well as MAS debates about hot and sometimes not topics! Listen here to the entirety of season 2 of our podcast and don't forget to follow us as season 3 is shaping up to be even more amazing!Lots of love.UM
  • 7. The Mas Cast (Ep 7)

    In the finale of Season 2 of The Mas Cast we chat to one of the biggest UM fans on the planet and long time friend of the band, singer/song writer Jessica Luise! We chat about her up coming EP 'Going In Blind' and brand new single 'AM'. Dan Tries a Pot Noodle for the FIRST time in his life live, Tomo has us off (as usual) with his 'Fact or Fiction' feature, and we try to claw back any incline of professionallity we have let go during all our episodes! We hope you've enjoyed listening as much as we have making these podcasts! All of our guests have been amazing and it's been great to make new friends as well as talking to old ones! This podcast has been all about bigging eachother up and we hope to carry it on bigger and better! See you in Season 3 ❤
  • 6. The Mas Cast (Ep 6)

    In the penultimate episode of our podcast we are joined by the infamous, Sean Rowles from the popular Manchester band Freeda! We talk about the multitude of tracks that Freeda have in the bag and ready to release, passing wind infront of the Queen, the tallest duck in the world, old school cartoons & sitcoms and much, much more.We have enjoyed doing this season of The Mas Cast so much we are already planning season 3, so don't you think we will be gone for long! If you want to catch all of season 1 it's available as a vlodcast on our Facebook page @UNOMASband or check out the 6 episodes of season 2 here.We will see you soon for the last episode of The Mas Cast and we will be back even stronger for season 3 very soon! LoveOlly, Lew, Dan & Tomo.Oh and James x