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  • 12. Running 101 with Jacob Andreae

    Today on the poddy Isabelle chats with Jacob Andreae about everything 'Running'. Some topics discussed are:How Jacob fell in love with runningRunning mythsHabits and how to enhance your chance of success The psychology behind behaviour change Strength training for runnersHow to improve your cardiovascular capacityAbout Jacob:Jacob Andreae is a teacher with interest in running mechanics. After completing a double degree in teaching and sports science. His love of learning and addiction to personal development led him to complete a graduate diploma in psychology.Jacob undertook several roles at the Northern Territory Institute of Sport. His love for running led to an offer from the Adelaide Crows to work as a remote-based strength and conditioning coach with their Darwin-based AFLW players. Jacob is now an online strength and conditioning coach, a high school teacher at Darwin high and host of The Mind Your Body Show.Connect with JacobInstagramWebsiteConnect with the Magic Drop 💧The Magic Drop Podcast 💧Isabelle Cornish💧Website

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  • 11. Yin Yoga, Holistic Healing Modalities and Consciousness with Mark Pheely

    In this episode, Isabelle chats with Mark about his journey with Yin yoga, its impact on his life, and how it can help others. Mark talks about consciousness and how the path has led him to non-dualism. Mark PheelyMark Pheely is a yoga guru who has run two successful studios in Melbourne and taught over 10,000 hours of movement practice. For the past two years, he has taken the time to explore deep states of meditation, mindfulness and consciousness. From this, he has established The Living Oneness Foundation, a unique approach to holistic wellness which integrates ten different but intimately linked modalities, leading to pathways that offer lasting peace, health and understanding.Connect with Mark Pheeley:The Living Oneness Foundation InstagramConnect with The Magic Drop:  💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧 
  • 10. Why you must Journal with Iz and Andie!

    In this episode we dive into our personal reflections on why we journal, and our fav journalling practices.Why you should journalJournalling practices we reccomend Tips and different methods of journallingSpecial guest Andie Leslie is a creative, visionary, intuitive innovator and entrepreneur. She is the founder, director and formulator of @dopealchemy. Dope is a genderless, hemp and plant-based skincare brand rooted in ritualization for the modern-day human. Her business Sphere Consults provides creative and visionary services for individuals, brands, entrepreneurs and businesses.Connect with Andie: dope alchemyConnect with The Magic Drop:💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧
  • 9. Functional nutrition, food mood connection, and intuitive eating with Kirsten Wenborne

    In this episode, Isabelle chats with clinical nutritionist Kirsten Wenborne about topics like;functional nutritionhistamines moodgut healthneurotransmitterssupplementation for mood genes  intuitive eating Kirsten WenborneKirsten is a clinical nutritionist with a special interest in mental health. She works with those dealing with neurobehavioral conditions such as ADHD and ASD and mood-related issues, including anxiety and depression. Kirsten takes a holistic approach to find underlying causes of imbalance, uses targeted nutrient therapy and incorporates intuitive self-care practices to support her clients. Kirsten also provides and presents nutritional content for fitness studios and corporate companies within the health space. Connect with Kirsten:Instagram Website  Connect with The Magic Drop:  💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧 
  • 8. Sexual communication, arousal needs, sex toys and crying after sex with Dr Kate Balestrieri

    In this quick-fire episode, Isabelle chats with Sex Therapist Dr Kate Balestrieri about sexual independence, communication, crying after sex, and different arousal needs. Dr Kate Balestrieri Is a sex-positive therapist and psychologist in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Dr Kate Balestrieri focuses on providing counselling services to help people build resilience and recovery from what ails them. Her mission is to help people move from a position of pain or discomfort to one of holistic, empowered and thriving vitality.Connect with Kate:Instagram Website Connect with The Magic Drop:  💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧 
  • 7. Recap of shit you can't make up / storytelling to make you laugh

    In this episode, Andie and Isabelle talk shit and tell stories to let your mind rewind and make you laugh!Special guest Andie Leslie is a creative, visionary, intuitive innovator and entrepreneur. She is the founder, director and formulator of @dopealchemy. Dope is a genderless, hemp and plant-based skincare brand rooted in ritualization for the modern-day human. Her business Sphere Consults provides creative and visionary services for individuals, brands, entrepreneurs and businesses.Connect with Andie: dope alchemyConnect with The Magic Drop:💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧
  • 6. The symbolic nature of eating disorders, recovery, authenticity and growth with clinical psychologist and eating disorder specialist Dr Anita Johnston.

    In this episode, Isabelle chats with Dr Anita Johnston about eating disorders, recovery, hunger signals and how our food habits can symbolise imbalance in other parts of our life. Food & metaphors Guide bookConnect with Anita Website Instagram Book 'Eating in the Light of the Moon' Connect with The Magic Drop:💧 @themagicdrop.podcast💧 @isabellecornish💧