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An LGBTQ+ historian and a River Thames Mudlark come together to explore their shared passion for history

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  • 6. 06 - The Country House as a place of refuge and community for LGBTQ+ people with Mok O’Keeffe

    Mok is an LGBTQ+ historian and PhD Candidate, studying the Country House as a place of refuge and community for LGBTQ+ people. In this episode, he discusses how history has been written by straight white men, how trans people, in particular, have been historically eradicated, and his home – a baby Elizabethan castle in the Brecon Beacons, where he holds the title of The Lord of Glenbach.

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  • 5. 05 - Marie-Louise the Time-Traveling Mudlark

    Meet Marie-Louise, the Time Travelling Mudlark, searching the Thames at low tide to find treasures from the past. In this episode she explains how finding artefacts on the foreshore of the Thames catapults her into a world of detective work to uncover long forgotten social histories of London and the people who inhabited it. From pilgrim badges to transatlantic ‘slave’ beads, and even smoke enema nozzles, you never know what the Thames is going to throw up next!
  • 4. 04 - Meet Elowyn Stevenson the Wandering Historian

    This episode features Elowyn Stevenson @elowyn.the.warrior – a trained archaeologist and independent traveller who journeys across the world exploring heritage and culture. In this episode she discusses her solo hitchhiking trips to Eastern Europe and South America, being invited into see life through a local lens, learning to live in the present moment and let go of the need to be in control of her itinerary, and sometimes, her destiny! Elowyn also shares her passion for King George III and working at The Tower of London – aka the ‘Tower of Fundon’.
  • 3. 03 - From Palace to Pride: Prince Mandevra's Story

    In this episode Prince Mandevra Singh Gohil @princemanvendragohil – A Prince of India, discusses the responsibility of being a Royal Family member and the role he plays in a republic to preserve India’s culture and heritage. He shares the challenges of coming out as a gay man and the negative reaction from other members of the royal family and local population – who burned effigies of him. His journey takes us from the royal palace to four appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He now uses his privileged position to advocate for human rights, with a particular focus on trans rights and education.
  • 2. 02 - Secrets of the Thames: Alessio Checconi's Journey as a Mudlark

    Alessio Checconi @london_madlark – Alessio is a micro-palaeontologist and mudlark. In this episode he discusses how the pandemic fuelled his passion for mudlarking, the rituals he undertakes to ensure successful searching, and his 16 th century home in Suffolk, where he and his partner have discovered several ancient items, secreted in the walls, to ward off witches and evil spirits.In this episode Alessio the mudlark talks aboutfinding treasures on the banks of the River Thameshow he got interested in mudlarking during the pandemicthe rituals he undertakes to ensure a successful larkhistoric items buried in his Elizabethan / Tudor home to ward off evil spirits and witches
  • 1. 01 - Zack Pinsent on Slow Fashion and Regency Elegance

    Zack Pinsent @pinsent_tailoring – Zack has a huge following on social media, known as the tailor who has dressed in period clothing since he was 14 years old. He is a bespoke tailor, a period dress researcher and, in May 2024, will host his very own Regency Ball at Brighton’s Pavilion. In this episode Zack discusses his passion for period clothing, the pitfalls of fast fashion and benefits of slow rewards, and the sartorial elegance of King Charles III.In this episode Zac discusses:fast fashion and sustainabilitythe wardrobe choices of King Charles IIIhis work as a tailorfinding identity in fashionbody confidenceRegency clothing and the Brighton Pavilionfashion history and male fashion