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Talking France

Why the European elections really matter in France plus deadly floods and French casinos

Season 11, Ep. 3

This week on Talking France we get the lowdown on the European Elections and why in France at least it's looking like it will be a resounding victory for ... Vladimir Putin. We'll also explain why southern France will likely see more deadly floods in future and try to understand why certain French towns are allowed casinos and why others, including Paris, are not.

President Emmanuel Macron has angered yet more people in France this week with his latest reform around assisted dying. We'll look at what will change and who's angry about it. And is the most useful place in France your local post office? You can do far more there than just buy stamps and we'll tell you exactly what.

Ben McPartland your host is joined this week by The Local France team. As usual Emma Pearson Gen Mansfield and John Lichfield will be doing most of the Talking on this week's Talking France.

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  • 12. How can France's stormy political crisis be resolved and will the Olympics go to plan?

    In the last episode before the summer break we focus on the post-election political crisis that is gripping France.We've had the elections, they produced a shock result and although there were some losers - namely Marine Le Pen’s far right which finished third despite pollsters predictions that they would win - there wasn't really a clear winner. So what happens now? When will France get a new government? If its the leftist alliance then what will they do in power?Or will nothing happen and will frustration among politicians boil over into protests and unrest on the streets this summer? Surely France can't let that happen because we've got the Olympics coming up and it's vital that it all runs smoothly. But will it all go to plan? We'll find out the latest with the opening ceremony approaching fast.And away from the political crisis and olympics anxiety we look ahead to this summer in France. Ben McPartland your host is joined for one more time by the team at The Local France : Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and our French politics guru John Lichfield.Thanks to all our listeners for tuning in during this latest season. We'll be back in September when no doubt there'll be a lot of talking points to catch up on. In the meantime please consider joining The Local to help us continue producing this weekly podcast about France.READ MORE:Is France facing a summer of political chaos and unrest?10 maps to help understand France's parliamentary electionsExplained: The French leftist alliance's programme for governmentHotels, tickets and scams: What to know about visiting Paris for the 2024 Olympics
  • 11. How to explain France's shock election results and what happens now?

    In this special edition of the Talking France podcast we'll look in detail at the shock results of the defining second round of France’s snap parliamentary elections.We also get all the reaction from the key players, look ahead at what happens next and get all the analysis from our politics expert John Lichfield.Host Ben McPartland is also joined by The Local France’s Emma Pearson.READ MORE:What happens next in France after bombshell election results?French far right blasts 'alliance of dishonour' as left celebrates shock winWho will be France's next prime minister?OPINION: France has stepped away from the far-right abyss, but into a political morass
  • 10. With France's far right at the gates of power will French voters let them in?

    France has voted in the first round of the snap parliamentary poll - an election considered one of the most pivotal in recent French history.This week, we explain the results, look ahead at what happens over the next few days and what Sunday's second round will bring. Can the far-right get a majority government or will the so-called Republican Front hold firm once again? President Emmanuel Macron is running out of options but what will he do next?We'll also explain how the far-right's policies on French preference and dual nationality would impact foreign residents.To answer all these crucial questions and to help explain the messy state of play in France, host Ben McPartland will call on our team at The Local - Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield as well as our French politics expert John Lichfield.Related articles:The best France can hope for now is 12 months of turmoilWill the far-right get a majority in the French parliament?What happens next in France's key election as far right leads after first roundWhat is 'national preference' for the French and how would it hurt foreigners?What's at stake for foreigners in France is far-right Jordan Bardella becomes PM?Coalition, resignation or shared rule: The possible outcomes of France's snap election
  • 9. Elections to take France into 'dark territory' and explaining the second homes crackdown

    This episode comes at a crucial time in France's recent history. The first round of France's snap parliamentary elections are on Sunday and there couldn't be more at stake. Is France heading for a political earthquake or can President Emmanuel Macron somehow limit the aftershocks and restore some calm?We'll look at what lies ahead in the weeks and months to come?Our French politics expert John Lichfield will explain why he thinks France is heading for deep, dark, unchartered waters.We'll also explore what the parties on the left, right and centre might do if they get to form the next French government and what we can expect to happen during Sunday's first round.Away from the elections we'll explain the proposed new law in France that is being described as a "ban on second homes" and who and where it will impact the most.And was all the talk of the Paris Olympics being unaffordable for most just "project fear"? Whether its travel, accommodation or event tickets we'll explain why you could still get to the Paris Olympics without emptying your bank account.I'm Ben McPartland and I'll also be joined this week by The Local's Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield.Related articles:France has taken leave of its senses and its no laughing matterFrench elections: What does each party's manifesto promise? French election breakdown: TV debates, latest polls and anti-SemitismParis Olympics: The prices to take advantage of as prices fallWhat is France's law to 'ban second homes'?
  • 8. Could French elections wreck the EU and France's tourist sites to avoid this summer?

    We're in the midst of a pretty major political crisis here in France with snap elections coming up so needless to say we have plenty to talk about in this week's episode.Firstly we bring you right up to date with all the drama, the dodgy deals and shaky alliances, the infighting and betrayals and the pleas for French people to get out and vote.Our French politics wizard John Lichfield will explain why this election could be more calamitous than Brexit for France and the EU and look at what Emmanuel Macron could do if it all goes wrong for him.We also look at what exactly a prime minister in France does and what power they have. Plus we try to decipher what it could mean for foreigners in France if that prime minister ends up being a far right one.And away from French politics we look at the famous sites that authorities warn will be overcrowded this summer and what you can do to avoid them and we also bust the myth about whether France really has a 60 percent inheritance tax rate.Host Ben McPartland is joined in Paris by The Local's Emma Pearson and Gen Mansfield.Related articlesWhat a far-right prime minister could mean for foreigners in FranceFrench election breakdown: Party alliances and the Ciotti soap operaWhat does a French Prime Minister actually do?The 10 French tourist spots most likely to be overcrowded this summerMythbuster: Does France really have a 60 percent inheritance tax rate?OPINION: Macron's election gamble is an invitation to calamity
  • 7. What now for France after Macron's great election gamble?

    Welcome to a special episode of The Local's Talking France podcast in which we take a look at the (latest) political crisis in France following the EU election results.On Sunday night, as the European election results were drifting in French President Emmanuel Macron took everyone by surprise by announcing he was dissolving the French parliament - the Assemblé Nationale - and that new elections would be held in just three weeks time. Yep pretty dramatic stuff, which is why we are recording a special politics focussed episode of Talking France this week.I'm Ben McPartland and joining me to answer the questions of why's Macron done this, what happens next and what are the chances of France ending up with a far right prime minister will be The Local's team Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and John Lichfield.Related reading:What happens next as France heads for snap elections?Who can vote in France’s snap parliamentary elections?OPINION: Macron’s election gamble is an invitation to calamityExplained: What happens when French leaders are forced into ‘cohabitation’?
  • 6. Why Russia is picking on France and how Europe's 'monumental' travel change will affect you

    The talking points from France this week... in no particular order are - Russian meddling in French affairs. Yes France has accused Russia of being involved in a string of recent incidents from fake coffins left at the Eiffel Tower to bedbug invasion rumours. Why would Moscow do this and is it working?We also find about why the commemorations to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Thursday are even more significant this year, why you could be fined in France just for washing your car and we explain why you are likely to be scolded in public by a French person.And big border changes are coming that will likely affect you so we explain what difference it's all going to make to your journey in and out of France, whether it's by plane, train, automobile or ferry.Host Ben McPartland is joined by the team from The Local France, Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield.Related reading:What to expect for the 80th anniversary of D-Day in FranceANALYSIS: How serious is Russian interference and disinformation in France?Travel to France: What does EES mean for cross-Channel ferry trips?What will EES mean for travel on 'Le Shuttle' through the Channel Tunnel?The 22 things that are likely to get you a scolding in FranceWhy washing your car in France can lead to a €450 fine
  • 5. Explaining Paris syndrome and how the EU elections will impact France

    On the bill this week we have the European elections. We answer the important questions: Why should we care, how will they affect France and what will they mean for the future? As well as explaining a little bit about the European parliament.We also look at how new laws aimed at averting dangerous wildfires in France will affect home owners plus explain why hundreds of thousands of home addresses in rural France are changing and what this means for you.We also find out which politicians are the best to call on in France to get support for any local dispute.And we explain why some tourists suffer from panic attacks, delusional thinking and hallucinations when they visit Paris. And if there's anything they can do to avoid it.Ben McPartland your host is joined by The Local's Emma Pearson, Gen Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield.Related articles:Reader question: Can I approach my French MP for help with a local problem?European elections: What are the 'têtes des liste' in France?What is Paris syndrome and are some nationalities more susceptible?Wildfires in France: What are the new legal requirements for property owners?The one French website you need if you've changed your addressWhat do I do next if my French street name has been changed
  • 4. What are real French values and does France care about its troubled far-away territories?

    This week we find out why so many workers are going on strike in Paris at the moment. From waste collectors to firefighters - what do they all want, and what's the Olympics got to do with it?We also explain the crisis in France's overseas territory of New Caledonia, why the president has deemed it necessary to fly there and why France has such a complicated relationship with several far flung parts of the world.And French star footballer Kylian MBappé has said goodbye to Paris and to France, so we'll explain why everyone, including the mayor and the president, is so upset. And in response to a great listener's question we'll try to explain what classic French values are and why you might need to know them - especially if you want to become French.Host Ben McPartland is joined by Emma Pearson the local France's editor and we also hear from John Lichfield our politics expert.Further reading:How likely is strike chaos during the Paris Olympics?EXPLAINED: What's behind the violence on the French island of New Caledonia?'Confetti of an empire': Understanding France's troubled overseas territoriesEXPLAINED: What are real 'French values'?What are the most overrated tourist attractions in France?Beat the crowds - 19 alternative places to visit in France